Eight Towers, 2,700 Units Proposed for Two Burquitlam Sites

The City of Coquitlam, YMCA and Concert Properties have entered into a partnership to exchange lands and rezone two sites in the Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan area to permit redevelopment on both sites. 

The two sites include:

  • Burquitlam Park – a 3.96 acre site on Smith Avenue, adjacent Bosa’s Uptown Development
  • Whitgift Gardens – a 5.45 acre site on Cottonwood Avenue, directly North of Bosa’s Lougheed Heights development, and West of Cottonwood Park

The sites are located in the Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan “Core” and “Shoulder” areas respectively. The proposal involves a property exchange between
the City (at Burquitlam Park) and Concert (Whitgift Gardens – an existing older rental residential complex).The exchange involves 2.15 acres of park land from Burquitlam Park to the Whitgift Gardens site to facilitate the expansion of Cottonwood Park and in return, the same area of developable land, with its associated density, is moved from the Whitgift Gardens site to the Burquitlam Park site.

The two components of the proposal include:

Burquitlam Park Site

  • A 50-storey condo tower and 30-storey rental tower;
  • 275 rental units;
  • 435 condo units;
  • a new 60,000 SF 3-storey YMCA recreation facility;
  • a new community police station;
  • total density of 6.30 FAR;
  • 930 parking stalls;
  • New 1.5 acre Burquitlam Park.

Whitgift Gardens Site 

  • Six highrise residential towers from 24 to 48-storeys in height;
  • Two rental towers of 37-storeys;
  • Four condo towers of 24, 25, 43 & 48-storeys;
  • 654 rental units;
  • 1,187 condo units;
  • 132 seniors market rental units;
  • 20-40 below market rental units;
  • standalone amenity building;
  • total density of 5.50 FAR;
  • 2,350 parking stalls;
  • Extension of Emerson Street and new East-West road.

The proposed market rental units represent a roughly 3:1 replacement ratio of the
existing rental units at Whitgift Gardens. The total value of all the public benefits including bonus density funds and CAC’s is $120 Million.

The architects for the project are Raymond Letkeman Architects and Endall Elliott.

Rental Building Proposed for West 4th Thrift Store Site

A rezoning application has been submitted for the Southwest corner of West 4th & Cypress in Kitsilano, currently improved with the Salvation Army Thrift Store and a detached house.

The 10,496 SF site is currently zoned C-2B. The plan for the site is a new 5-storey mixed-use building that includes:

    • 32 market rental units;
    • 1 studio unit, 7 one-bedrooms, 18 two-bedrooms & 6 three-bedrooms;
    • 4,205 SF of retail space on the ground floor;
    • a total density of 3.13 FSR;
    • a building height of 62 ft.; and
    • 2 levels of underground parking.

This application is being considered under the Secured Market Rental Housing (Rental 100) Policy.

The architect for the project is Rositch Hemphill Architects.

First Phase of Pearson Dogwood Redevelopment to Include 445 Units

Onni Group has submitted a development application for the first phase of the Pearson Dogwood redevelopment. Onni acquired the 25 acre site in 2014 as part of a phased deal that finished in 2016, at the time a formal rezoning application had been submitted for the overall master plan of the site. The overall plan calls for a multi-phase, multi-year buildout that will eventually total approximately 2,700 residential units.

The first phase “Parcel A” entails development of an 81,142 SF parcel on the Southeast corner of the site, at the corner of Cambie and West 59th Avenue. The proposal includes the following:

  • 445 total residential units (307 market  units & 138 social housing units);
  • 44 Pearson supportive units;
  • 13,136 SF of retail uses on the ground floor;
  • building heights of 285 ft (26-storeys) and 243 ft (22-storeys);
  • a total density of 5.86 FSR;
  • 475,420 sq. ft. of floor area; 
  • a diagonal pathway accessing the interior of the larger site; and,
  • four levels of underground parking accessed from a new internal street.

The application describes the building program: “Generally, the retail space is along the north edge of the building on 58th Avenue and along a portion of Cambie Street. One market residential unit lobby (shared with the Pearson supportive housing units) is located on the new internal road, while the other is along Cambie Street. The affordable housing lobby will be facing 59th Avenue along with some market townhomes. The parkade ramp is located in the new internal road.


Under the site’s approved CD-1 zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Development Permit Board.

The architect for the project is IBI Group.

6-Storey Condo Building Proposed for Grandview Woodland Site

Bucci Developments has submitted their application to rezone a 22,229 SF land assembly at the Northeast corner of Garden Drive and East 10th Avenue in the Grandview Woodland area of East Vancouver.

The site is currently zoned RS-1 single family but has been redesignated in the Grandview Woodland Community Plan to allow medium density residential. The application seeks to permit the development of a 6-storey residential building. The proposal includes:

    • 68 condo units;
    • 1 studio unit, 39 one-bedrooms, 9 two-bedrooms and 19 three-bedrooms;
    • a total density of 2.65 FSR;
    • a building height of 66 ft.; and
    • 73 underground parking spaces on two levels.

This application is being considered under the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan.

The architect for the project is Rositch Hemphill.

32-Units Above Retail Planned for Alma & 10th Corner

A development application has been submitted by Landa Global for their site at the Southeast corner of West 10th and Alma Street. The 23,300 SF, C-2 zoned site is now vacant and was previously an Esso gas station before Landa bought the site in 2015 for $18 Million (or $313 per buildable SF).

The plan for the site is a 4-storey, mixed-use commercial and residential building that includes:

  • 32 market residential units;
  • A total density of 2.48 FSR;
  • A building height of 57,762 SF;
  • 7 retail units at grade;
  • 80 underground parking on two levels accessed from the rear lane.


Under the site’s existing C-2 zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Director of Planning.

The architect for the project is Rafii Architects.

8-Storey Building Planned for Granville & West 7th Corner

A development application has been submitted by Aoyuan Canada to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop the Southwest corner of Granville and 7th for a new residential above retail development. The site is currently improved with older retail buildings, including the corner building, now vacant, and previously occupied by EQ3 Furniture for several years.

The plan for the 17,982 SF, C-3A zoned property is for a new 8-storey building that includes:

  • 41 market residential units;
  • 16 one-bedrooms, 16 two-bedrooms and 9 three-bedrooms;
  • A total density of 3.30 FSR:
  • 7,776 SF of retail space at grade;
  • 48 underground parking on two levels accessed from the rear lane.

The application describes the design rationale: “The proposed form of the building responds to the Granville Street setbacks and View Cone 20-2014 to maintain the corridor view to the North Shore while also respecting historical built form on Granville Street. The building is comprised of three forms stepping up and away from the commercial street along Granville to the eight-storey high portion of the building along the west property boundary.

Retail spaces at street level are shaped as separate units to follow Granville’s street character and break the building proportion to a pedestrian scale. The design of the store frontages and entries sloping up the street will encourage an active and engaging street. Stone cladding will be used on Granville to give a warm and grand look to the stores.”

Under the site’s existing C-3A zoning, the application is“conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Development Permit Board.

The architect for the project is IBI Group.

21-Unit Building Planned for West End Parking Lot

A development application has been filed for a 66 ft. lot located in the West End; one of the last remaining surface parking lots in the West End. The site at 1021 Burnaby Street is located directly behind Celebrities Nightclub on Davie Street and serves as pay parking.

The plan for the RM-5A zoned, 8,646 SF site is a new 5-storey building that includes:

  • 21 market residential units (rental or condo not specified);
  • 12 junior one bedrooms, 4 one-bedrooms and five two-bedrooms;
  • a total density of 1.65 FSR;
  • a total building height of 50 ft.;
  • 20 underground parking spaces on one level underground.


The site is located in an area of the West End Plan that allows rezoning for towers potentially as high as 30-storeys; however, a site frontage of at least 130 feet is required. This particular site would also face additional restrictions including tower separation and shadowing onto Davie Street.

The architect for the project is Francl Architecture.