10-Storey Building Planned for Broadway near Commercial

A second major rezoning application has been submitted in Grandview-Woodland, just weeks after 149 units were announced earlier this month at Victoria & 11th.

Jameson Development Corp. has submitted an application to rezone a 15,738 SF site on the North side of Broadway just West of commercial at 1619-1651 East Broadway. The rezoning will be from the existing RM-4N zone to CD-1 to permit the development of a 10-storey mixed-use building.

The proposal includes:

    • 93 total units (47 market rental units and 46 market strata units);
    • 5,245 SF of ground floor retail space;
    • A total density of 4.00 FSR;
    • A height of approximately 32.3 m (105.8 ft.);
    • 75 underground parking spaces; and
    • 117 bicycle parking spaces.

1619 East Broadway_3 1619 East Broadway_2 1619 East Broadway_1 1619 East BroadwayThis application is being considered under the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan. The rezoning policy allows for ‘mixed-tenure’ whereby 50% strata is allowed if the other 50% of the units are secured rental.

The architect for the project is IBI Group.