17 Townhouse Units Planned for Park Drive & Granville Site

A development application has been submitted to the City of Vancouver for permission to consolidate three single family lots at the Southeast corner of Granville Street and Park Drive in marpole.

The proposed development plan for 1488 Park Drive (entitled ‘Park Grand’) is for a new 3-storey residential building(s), consisting of:

    • 17 units;
    • a total density of 1.19 FSR;
    • 26 parking spaces in an underground garage having vehicular access from the lane.

Under the site’s existing RM-8N zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Director of Planning.

1488 Park_4 1488 Park_3 1488 Park_2 1488 Park_1 1488 ParkThe site was assembled by Grandlake Investments Corp. in 2016 for a total of $8,670,000, or $377 per buildable SF.

The architect for the project is Cornerstone Architecture.