Stacked Townhouse Project Planned for Joyce-Collingwood

A development application has been submitted for a 20,000 SF assembled site at 3625 Rae Avenue in the Joyce Collingwood area of East Vancouver.

The proposed plan for the site is a stacked townhouse development that includes:

  • 25 townhouse units;
  • 8 two-bedrooms, 8 three-bedrooms and 9 four-bedrooms;
  • a total density of 1.40 FSR;
  • one level of underground parking, having vehicular access from the North lane, on this site.

3625 Rae_1 3625 Rae3625 Rae_2

The application describes the design rationale: “The project consists of two buildings, one is 3 1/2 storey along North of the lane and one 2 1/2 storey massing fronting Rae Avenue to provide visual transition to the lower height neighbourhood.”

Under the site’s existing CD-1 zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Director of Planning.

The architect for the project is Matthew Cheng.

The site was assembled in 2016 for $8,100,000 or $290 per buildable SF based on the application.