15 Rental Townhouse Units Proposed for Kitsilano Site

A rezoning application has been submitted for a former church site in Kitsilano, at 2715 West 12th Avenue (along the Kitsilano diversion curve).

The proposal calls to rezone the 8,570 SF site from RS-7 (One-Family Dwelling) District to CD-1 to permit a 3.5-storey townhouse development under Affordable Housing Choices Interim Rezoning Policy. The policy allows for rental housing on arterial streets up to 3.5 storeys. While the policy has been tested in other areas of the City, this is one of the first such proposal on the Westside.

The proposal includes:

    • 15 secured market rental residential units;
    • A floor area of 14,056 SF;
    • A total density of 1.50 FSR;
    • A height of approximately 37.5 ft.;
    • 2 car share vehicle parking spaces; and
    • 19 Class A bicycle parking spaces.

2715 West 12th Ave 2715 West 12th Ave_1

The site was listed for sale in 2016 for $3,389,000, and sold for $3,250,000, or $231 per buildable SF based on the rezoning application.

The architect for the project is MCMP Architects.