Mixed-Use Building Planned for Ambleside Area of West Van

Atti Group has applied to the District of West Vancouver for a development permit for a 15,636 SF site at 1327 Marine Drive. The site is located on the North side of Marine Drive, just West of 13th Street in between the Shell Gas Station site and an older lowrise commercial building to the West.

The proposal is for a new 3-storey mixed use development that includes:

  • 16 residential units;
  • 5 one-bedrooms and 11 two-bedrooms;
  • Unit sizes of 600 – 1,400 SF;
  • 5,167 SF of ground-floor retail;
  • 38 underground parking spaces (13 for commercial, 25 for residential) on 3 levels;
  • a total density of 1.59 FSR
  • a total amenity unit payment of $273,000 

1327 Marine1327 Marine_2 1327 Marine_11327 Marine_3The proposal is generally consistent with the Ambleside Village Centre Development Permit Guidelines and OCP.

The architect for the project is Karl Gustavson.

City of Vancouver Inflates Density Bonus Contributions

The City of Vancouver is about to implement their annual inflationary adjustment to Density Bonus Contributions, which are basically CAC’s that are specifically intended for density bonuses associated with conditional zoning in a small set of pre-planned areas including: Mount Pleasant, Joyce Collingwood, Marpole and Norquay.

The target rates in these areas are proposed to increase by 11.9%, and will become effective on September 30, 2017. The Mount Pleasant I-1A and I-1B zones are not being adjusted for inflation this year because these areas were only established as new density bonus zones in 2017.

DBCs 2017

Expect even further updates to CAC target rates coming in late 2017 and early 2018 as the City of Vancouver seeks to “align with the updated needs identified in the Public Benefits Strategy.”

A full copy of the Policy Report can be viewed here: http://council.vancouver.ca/20170725/documents/p8.pdf


Construction Update: Vancouver House

The much anticipated Vancouver House project is beginning to take shape. 17 of the tower’s 52 storeys have now been poured and exterior glazing is nearing completion on the lower floors.


photo courtesy mcminsen http://po.st/KcDURQ via @imageshack


photo courtesy mcminsen http://po.st/eMNplU via @imageshack

6Ya12hphoto courtesy mcminsen http://po.st/hbBRKF via @imageshack

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Sapperton Green Project Moves Closer to Reality

The preliminary master plan concept for the 38.5 acre Sapperton Green site has now been approved by the City of New Westminster, allowing the project to move forward to public consultation and eventual rezoning.

Plans to rezone and redevelop the current industrial property first came forward several years ago, with an application by Quadreal for OCP amendment approved in November 2015.

The site sits on the Eastern edge of New Westminster and is adjacent to Braid Skytrain Station. The site is currently improved with older industrial buildings currently used by Amazon.

Details of the proposed development within the preliminary master plan include:

  • 13 to 14 residential towers with midrises and townhouses
  • Approx. 3,700 units (half condo / half rental)
  • 3,400,000 SF of residential space
  • 800,000 to 1,150,000 SF of office space (mostly along Braid near the station)
  • 150,000 SF of retail space
  • 35,000 SF community centre facility
  • a central greenway running through the site in addition to a road network
  • park dedication equal to approx. 12% of the gross site area
  • a CAC to be determined

Sapperton GreenSapperton Green_5 Sapperton Green_2 Sapperton Green_1 Sapperton Green_4 Sapperton Green_3The first phase of the project would occur on the South and East portions of the site, the subsequent three phases would require demolition of the existing Amazon building.

It is anticipated that the rezoning application would be sent to public hearing in the Spring of 2018.