FOR SALE: East Vancouver Development Opportunity

I am pleased to introduce this remarkable corner site on Commercial Drive in the burgeoning Grandview Woodland area of East Vancouver. The site represents a rare opporunity to develop a 6-storey market residential building just 3 minutes from one of Vancouver’s busiest transit hubs – Commercial/Broadway Skytrain Station.

Brochure – 1650 East 12th Ave – E Copy

179-Unit Project Planned for Central Lonsdale Site

Adera Development has submitted a rezoning application to the City of North Vancouver for a former TELUS property at 8th and Lonsdale (south of East 11th). The site is triangular in shape and totals 62,543 SF. The proposal would include the retention of portions of the existing TELUS utility building which occupies the easternmost extent of the site; the site would be subdivided and 30 parking spaces would be provided for TELUS‘ use within the new residential development to the West.

The proposal, entitled Lonsdale Cityhomes, includes two new 6-storey residential buildings and a mix of townhouses. Details include:

  • 179 units;
  • Sizes varying from 600 to 1,900 SF;
  • a total density of 2.60 FAR;
  • a total CAC of $8,756,020;
  • 235 parking spaces

The lot is zoned Residential Medium Density 1 (RM-1) with an Official Community Plan designation of Residential Level 5. The OCP allows for a density of 1.6 FSR and a potential for an additional bonus of up 1.0 FSR in accordance with the Density Bonus and Community Benefits Policy. 

The architect for the project is Integra Architecture.

25-Unit Townhouse Project Proposed for Edgemont Village

Boffo Properties has submitted a rezoning application for a four-lot land assembly in Edgemont Village, which they intend on developing as a follow-up to their currently under construction project nearby “Edgemont Walk”. 

The site is located at 1031, 1037, 1041 and 1045 Ridgewood Dr., just East of Grosvenor’s Connaught project, also under construction. The lots were redesignated in 2015 in the Edgemont Village Centre Plan, and allow townhouses up to 1.20 FSR.

Details of the proposal include:

  • 25 townhouse units in five 3-storey buildings;
  • 3-bedroom units ranging from 1,725 to 2,402 SF;
  • A total density of 1.20 FSR
  • 52 parking stalls
  • A CAC payment of $180,000.

The architect for the project is TKA+D Projects.

244-Unit Condo and Student Housing Project Planned Adjacent Capilano University

Woodbridge Homes and Capilano University have partnered for a new condo and student housing development adjacent the University at 1923 Purcell Way in North Vancouver.

The application is for an OCP amendment and rezoning to allow a new development on the site which is currently improved with an older 90-unit strata that recently went through the wind-up and sale process. The site is identified in the Official Community Plan as Residential Level 5, which permits up to 1.75 FSR.

The development plan includes:

  • 124 condo units in a 6-storey building;
  • 60 townhouse units in 3 & 4 storey buildings;
  • 19 studios, 58 one-bedrooms, 39 two-bedrooms, 68 three-bedrooms
  • 60 student housing units (avg. 200 SF) in a new 6-storey building on the adjacent university lands facing Greg Lee Way;
  • an overall density of 1.75 FSR;
  • 276 parking spaces;
  • a CAC payment of $1,700,000

The architect for the project is Rositch Hemphill Architects.

District of North Vancouver Set to Adopt Final Maplewood Village Centre Plan

The District of North Vancouver is set to adopt the final version of the Maplewood Village Centre and Innovation District Implementation Plan & Design Guidelines at council. 

Maplewood had been identified for future density in the DNV’s OCP back when it was adopted in 2011, but planning efforts for Maplewood didn’t formally get underway in 2015.

Overall the Maplewood Plan maintains a low and mid-rise built form, character, and scale. Highest density development within the Maplewood area is to be located within the compact village core. Possible locations for taller buildings ( up to 12 storeys) are included in the land use plan along with policy statements to include provisions to negotiate density and height on a case-by-case basis in order to achieve the District’s housing and community amenity objectives.

The Plan also includes an area being called the “Innovation District”, which comprises several acres of land controlled by Darwin Properties including former Port Metro Vancouver Lands, and a recently acquired boarding school property.

Here are some targets contained with the Maplewood plan:

  • 1,500 net new housing units by 2030
  • 4,500 net new jobs by 2030
  • 100,000 SF of commercial space
  • 300 net new non-market housing units
  • two new parks
  • various transportation improvements including extension of Berkeley Road and B-Line extension from Phibbs Exchange to Maplewood
  • Various community amenities including new community centre.

The Plan features three precincts:

1. Maplewood Village Centre is the central commercial hub and includes a diversity
of multi-family housing, mixed-use commercial/residential, live/work and smallscale
artisan industrial housing, as well as institutional uses including a school and
local community services.

2. Maplewood North Innovation District is a new district offering an innovative mix
of employment, educational, recreational and limited residential and community uses in a campus-style structure. This area will be connected to the Village Centre
by major arterial routes and an active transportation network. Parks, open space
and natural areas are integrated throughout to create a connected network.

3. Dollarton Highway South is a strong industrial and employment area with
opportunities to intensify as existing and local business expand and provides
opportunities for the expansion of business park uses.

Land uses within the plan includes the following:

  • Residential densities at 1.20 – 2.50 FSR
  • Mixed-Use densities at 1.75 – 2.50 FSR
  • Commercial densities up to 1.0 FSR
  • Industrial densities up to 1.10 FSR
  • Mixed Industrial densities up to 2.50 FSR

A full version of the Maplewood Plan can be viewed here:

10-Storey Building Planned for Broadway and Spruce

Minglian Group has applied to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop a 12,499 SF, C-3A zoned site at the Southwest corner of West Broadway and Spruce Street with a 10 storey mixed use building. The proposal includes the following:

  • 37 market residential units;
  • 3,000 SF of retail on the ground floor 
  • 2,600 SF of office space on the 2nd floor;
  • A building height of approximately 120 ft;
  • A total density of 3.29 FSR;
  • 50 underground parking spaces accessed from the lane with 4 parking spaces at grade directly off the lane.

Under the site’s existing C3-A zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Development Permit Board.

The application describes the design rationale: “The compact footprint of the site and the surrounding environmental variables were the basis for the design approach. The north elevation provides great views of downtown and the north shore while the south looks over lower density development with good sun exposure. The east and west frontages are better suited for more solid wall, helping to mitigate overlook to adjacent towers and deflect ing noise from heavy traffic travelling east and west on Broadway. These factors led to a very slim tower that expresses a strong contrast between the north / south and east / west elevations. The north and south are expressed much more openly with large balconies while the east and west incorporate much more solid wall. The tower is split into two narrower volumes to emphasize the slenderness, provide privacy between units, and buffer the east / west traffic on Broadway. Balconies on the south east and south west corners also project out to give the units on these corners both southern and northern views.”

The architect for the project is GBL Architects.

The detailed development application can be found here:

The site was acquired in January 2017 for $19,000,000, or $463 per buildable SF.

Plan Emerges for Metrotown Sears Site

Concord Pacific‘s preliminary rezoning application will go to City of Burnaby council next week for the master plan of the 8.9 acre Sears Metrotown site at 4750 Kingsway. Concord acquired the site from Sears Canada in 2015 for $100,000,000.  The site is currently home to a soon to be closed Sears store, a Toys-R-Us store and a presentation centre.

Initial planning work got underway in 2013 when Sears selected Concord Pacific as the developer, but had been partly delayed pending the City of Burnaby’s revision of the Metrotown Downtown Plan, completed earlier this year.

The purpose of the current rezoning application is to establish a Conceptual Master Plan, Design Guidelines and a detailed first phase of development, which would provide for specific development rights for the initial phase; and guide further applications for the development of the site which will include substantial commercial and residential components. The site is designated for high density development utilizing the RM-5s and C3 guidelines.

The overall vision for the site is described as: ” a pedestrian-oriented, transit-connected
community that reflects the strong urban design principles and an urban form unique in the City. The Sears Metrotown site is envisioned to be fully integrated with the surrounding Metro Downtown neighbourhood and the broader Town Centre through the creation of new vehicle, pedestrian and cycling connections to existing streets to the north including McMurray and McKercher Avenues, as well facilitating new future connections to the south and west through the Metropolis at Metrotown site and Station Square.”

Preliminary details for the overall master plan include:

  • Seven towers
  • Four development phases
  • 1,945,855 SF of residential space
  • 660,734 SF of commercial space
  • a total density of 9.75 FSR

Phase 1 details include:

  • 1,309 units in Phase 1
  • 3 towers ranging from 33 to 65-storeys
  • 1,485 parking spaces on 7 levels of underground parking 
  • a 48,000 SF indoor amenity space
  • towers designed with a ceramic frit super graphic design element
  • addition of a new East-West road “Metro Way”

The application describes the first phase: “Phase I is the initial phase of development, located along the Kingsway frontage between McMurray Avenue. The Phase I site measures approximately 132,364 sq.ft., with a frontage on Kingsway of 1,053 ft. Phase
I consists of three residential high-rise apartment buildings.  All three residential buildings are located atop a 3 storey commercial and amenity podium.

The signature tower at the corner of Kingsway and Nelson Avenue does not have commercial uses on the Nelson Avenue frontage, but maintains the high volume in amulti-storey atrium lobby fronting on to the Lake Plaza. Tower 2’s lobby fronts onto Kingsway, in between commercial storefronts, while Tower 3’s lobby is oriented toward McMurray Avenue fronting on to the River Plaza.”

The architect for the project is IBI Group.