145,000 SF Office Building Proposed for False Creek Flats Site

Porte Communities and Reliance Properties have applied to rezone a 48,072 SF site in the False Creek Flats area for a new office building.

The plan for the site at 339 East 1st Avenue, adjacent the Red Truck Brewery, is to rezone from the current I-3 zoning to allow development of a 6-storey office building. The proposal includes:

  • general office space on floors 2-6;
  • ground floor retail;
  • a total floor area of 144,216 SF;
  • a total density of 3.0 FSR;
  • a building height of 100 ft; and
  • two levels of underground parking accessed from E 1st Avenue, with 275 vehicle parking spaces, 46 bicycle parking stalls and six loading spaces.

339 East 1st Ave339 East 1st Ave_3 339 East 1st Ave_4 339 East 1st Ave_1 339 East 1st Ave_2339 East 1st Ave_5

The I3 zoning schedule permits the density and built form being proposed, but restricts uses, so the rezoning is required to allow general office use.

The rezoning application describes the design rationale: “On the roof tops are amenity spaces to provide the building occupants with an easily accessible green space. This is in addition to the landscaped areas fronting Brewery Creek. The building facade colour is meant to invoke both typical rail engine colour schemes as well as colours of autumn. Distributions in glazing on the facade are meant to create a horizontal movement along the building exterior as well as solar heat gain control due to its 50:50 ratio. On the South and West elevations of the building, there are also diagonal solar shading devices which serve not only for sun control but as distinctive design elements.”

The architect for the project is IBI Group.

The full rezoning application can be viewed here:  http://rezoning.vancouver.ca/applications/339e1st/index.htm 

52-Unit Building Proposed for Marine-Hamilton Area of North Van

Pennyfarthing Homes has submitted a development application for a 26,873  SF site at 705 – 717 West 15th Street at the Southwest corner of Bewicke Avenue, just North of Marine Drive in North Vancouver. The site is currently improved with three older industrial/commercial buildings.

The original application was made one year ago and envisioned a 6-storey building, which was later shelved due to neighbourhood opposition to the height. The new application envisions a 4-storey building for the site, and includes:

  • 52 units;
  • 20 one-bedrooms, 27 two-bedrooms and 5 three-bedrooms;
  • 3,300 SF of ground floor retail space;
  • a total density of 2.10 FSR;
  • two levels of underground parking
  • a total density bonus payment of $110 per SF

705 West 15th705 West 15th_1 705 West 15th_3 705 West 15th_4 705 West 15th_5

The OCP permits a density of 2.0 FSR with a bonus of 0.5 FSR at the City’s discretion.

The application describes the design rationale: “Massing of the building has been carefully considered to respond to the diverse residential context and large grade changes across the site. The building is composed of two distinct elements: a strong commercial base facing Bewicke and a four-storey residential component which wraps around the site. The first level facing Bewicke is buried due to a storey of grade change across the site, reducing the building to three storeys above grade. The single-family houses sitting high on the slope across Bewicke are met with a single storey of commercial and two storeys of residential. Towards the south and west, the grade falls away revealing four storeys to match the neighbouring three-to four storey developments.”

The architect for the project is Shift Architecture.

Changes Coming for Vancouver’s DCL By-law

The City of Vancouver is updating its DCL by-law to include new rates, new by-law rate categories, updated DCL allocations, and select new uses for DCL relief following a comprehensive review of forecasted growth and DCL eligible growth costs.

The rationale for the changes is outlined in the City’s policy report:

“In July 2015, Council directed staff to review and update the City-wide DCL Bylaw. The City-wide DCL update is a based on a 10-year timeframe (2017-2026) and includes the following components:  

  • Updating population and job growth projections.
  • Identifying capital costs for corresponding DCL eligible public amenities and infrastructure (including sewer, drainage, and water programs as new items)
  •  Determining DCL allocations and rates
  • Establishing a new City-wide DCL by-law

As a result of the review, staff recommends that the City-wide DCL rates be adjusted to recover a share of the updated costs associated with the forecasted 10-year DCL capital program. The recommended DCL rates in this report are anticipated to generate approximately $1.0 billion that will help fund approximately 60% of the contemplated growth costs over the next 10 years (2017-2026), with the residual amount of approximately $0.8 billion across Engineering, Housing, Childcare and Parks to be addressed in the 2019-2022 Capital Plan.”

Recommendations include:

  • Adjustment of City-wide DCL rates (see below)
  • Addition of new DCL rate categories
  • Hold industrial and commercial DCL at current rates
  • Adjust DCL allocations
  • Reducing DCL rates for social and community uses
  • Replacement of Downtown South DCL with City-wide DCL ($17.36/SF)

The proposed rate changes and categories are outlined as follows:

DCL Rates 2017

The full policy report can be viewed here: http://council.vancouver.ca/20170726/documents/pspc4.pdf

Mixed-Use Building Planned for Ambleside Area of West Van

Atti Group has applied to the District of West Vancouver for a development permit for a 15,636 SF site at 1327 Marine Drive. The site is located on the North side of Marine Drive, just West of 13th Street in between the Shell Gas Station site and an older lowrise commercial building to the West.

The proposal is for a new 3-storey mixed use development that includes:

  • 16 residential units;
  • 5 one-bedrooms and 11 two-bedrooms;
  • Unit sizes of 600 – 1,400 SF;
  • 5,167 SF of ground-floor retail;
  • 38 underground parking spaces (13 for commercial, 25 for residential) on 3 levels;
  • a total density of 1.59 FSR
  • a total amenity unit payment of $273,000 

1327 Marine1327 Marine_2 1327 Marine_11327 Marine_3The proposal is generally consistent with the Ambleside Village Centre Development Permit Guidelines and OCP.

The architect for the project is Karl Gustavson.

City of Vancouver Inflates Density Bonus Contributions & CAC rates

The City of Vancouver is about to implement their annual inflationary adjustment to Density Bonus Contributions and target rate CAC’s. The density bonus contributions are basically CAC’s that are specifically intended for density bonuses associated with conditional zoning in a small set of pre-planned areas including: Mount Pleasant, Joyce Collingwood, Marpole and Norquay. 

The target rates for density bonus contributions in these areas are proposed to increase by 11.9%, and will become effective on September 30, 2017. The Mount Pleasant I-1A and I-1B zones are not being adjusted for inflation this year because these areas were only established as new density bonus zones in 2017.

DBCs 2017

For CAC’s the increase is at the same rate, with updated rates as follows:CAC Rate 2017

Expect even further updates to CAC target rates coming in late 2017 and early 2018 as the City of Vancouver seeks to “align with the updated needs identified in the Public Benefits Strategy.”

A full copy of the Policy Report on Density Bonus Contributions can be viewed here: http://council.vancouver.ca/20170725/documents/p8.pdf

The Policy Report on CAC’s is located here: http://council.vancouver.ca/20170726/documents/pspc5.pdf

Construction Update: Vancouver House

The much anticipated Vancouver House project is beginning to take shape. 17 of the tower’s 52 storeys have now been poured and exterior glazing is nearing completion on the lower floors.


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