Port Moody

Street #Street NameProperty TypeZoningLot Size (SF)Building Area (SF) / UnitsGoogle StreetviewNotes
110Brew StRetailM1StreetviewRetail component of Aria 1 - Suterbrook Village
121Brew StRetailM1StreetviewRetail component of Aria 2 - Suterbrook Village
130Brew StOfficeM1StreetviewOffice - Suterbrook Village
170Brew StRetailM1StreetviewThrifty Foods - Suterbrook Village
130Brew StRetailM1StreetviewRetail - Suterbrook Village
400Capilano RdRetailM1Retail component of Aria 2 - Suterbrook Village
1030Cecile DrApartmentWoodland Park Apartments
900Clarke StApartmentRM4 392,040 202StreetviewMountainview Housing Co-op
210Evergreen DrApartment 312,375 StreetviewThe Evergreens Apartments
600Falcon DrApartmentRM3 169,013 44StreetviewSalal Housing Co-op
3048Henry StApartmentRM4 39,600 37StreetviewHenry Court.
3020Henry StApartmentRM4 17,424 Streetview
3016Henry StApartmentRM4 17,424 Streetview
3008Henry StApartmentRM4 17,424 23StreetviewCardinal Apartments
3002Henry StApartmentRM4 19,746 Streetview
2909Hope StApartmentP2 28,899
125Moray StApartmentRM3 141,134 52StreetviewMoray Place
101Morrissey RdRetailM1 74,160 Streetview
205Newport DrOfficeTC1 32,060 Streetview
101Noons Creek DrApartmentCD 76,636 24StreetviewInlet Centre Affordable Housing
675Noons Creek DrApartmentCD 160,050 55StreetviewNoons Creek Housing Co-op
121Shoreline CrApartment 65,340 28Streetview
3050St. Johns StRetailC3 10,035 Streetview
3001St. Johns StRetailC4 76,012 Streetview
3180St. Johns StRetailC3 39,890 Streetview
2806St. Johns StRetailM2 34,874 Streetview
2826St. Johns StRetailM2 17,424 Streetview
2929St. Johns StRetailC2 43,560 Streetview
2340St. Johns StRetailC3 8,712 Streetview
3131St. Johns StRetailC5 35,980 Streetview
2010St. Johns StApartmentRM4 34,848 Streetview
2330St. Johns StApartmentCD 26,136 24StreetviewMoody's Landing
3215St. Johns StRetailC3 48,418 StreetviewStrip retail
228Ungless WyRetailCDStreetview
125Williams StApartment 26,136 32StreetviewVilla Leah. Sold 2012 for $6,600,000.