Rental Building Planned for East Broadway

A development application has been submitted to the City of Vancouver for an underutilized 58′ x 122′ C-2C zoned site at 550 East Broadway, on the south side of the street between Kingsway and Fraser. The plan is to develop the site with a 4-storey mixed-use residential/commercial building containing:

    • 25 market rental apartment units on the second to fourth floors;
    • 5 one-bedrooms and 20 studio units;
    • 2 CRU units for retail and restaurant uses on the ground floor;
    • One CRU unit below grade on P1;
    • a total density of 3.00 FSR;
    • an overall building height of approximately 47.2 feet; and
    • 43 underground parking spaces on 3 levels, accessed from the lane.

550 East Broadway_2550 East Broadway_1 550 East Broadway

Under the site’s existing C-2C zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Director of Planning.

The application describes the design rationale: “Floorplates are simply laid out, with a central corridor giving access to long, linear units which open to each frontage. Floor levels 2 & 3 are similar, each containing 9 units in a very similar arrangement. The fourth level has more variation in unit type, containing 3 one bedroom units and 4 studio units, plus an amenity room. The elevator and east exit stair also serve to provide access to the rooftop, which is generously outfitted with outdoor terraces, urban agriculture facilities, outdoor cooking & dining facilities, outdoor play area, and a green roof area (not accessible).”

The site was acquired in May 2016 for $3,880,000, or $183 per buildable SF.

The architect for the project is Gair Williamson Architects.