Market Spotlight: Burnaby Rezoning Applications

A number of rezoning applications head to Burnaby City Council next week. Below is a brief summary of some of the larger projects planned:

4716-4780 Hastings Street

4716 Hastings

This 1.22 acre site is controlled by Adera Development and is a collection of seven individual parcels including the Destination Honda dealership. The site totals 459 feet of frontage and is located in the Hastings Street Area Plan Extension, which allows a total density of up to 2.40 FAR. The proposed plan is a new 4-storey project with retail, office and 59 residential units.

2751 Production Way 

2751 ProductionThis 223,495 SF site is located at the southwest corner of Production Way and Broadway, next to the Metro Vancouver Operations Centre and is currently improved with a vacant industrial building. The site is located in the Lake City Business Centre Plan area and is seeking rezoning for a new multi-tenant light manufacturing/ warehouse/ office development with a total height of 4-storeys and density of 1.0 FAR.

4828 Lougheed Highway and 4829 Dawson Street (Concord Brentwood Phase 2)

Concord Brentwood

This rezoning application is for the second phase of Concord Pacific’s ‘Concord Brentwood’ project. The 2nd phase is within the Flatlands Precinct of the master plan for the overall site. This phase will include two high-rise residential towers, a midrise tower and townhouses with a commercial and amenity podium. Access to the below and above ground parking will be from Dawson Street.

4500-4554 Dawson Street and 2223-2375 Alpha Avenue

DawsonThis is a 9.3 acre site (totaling 7 parcels) in Brentwood Town Centre that we reported as sold to Aoyuan Group back in June for $152 Million. The site is large enough to require a master plan and phasing which is the subject of this rezoning application. The master plan will include multiple residential towers, as well as commercial space and new north-south pedestrian linkage through the site. Most of the site will require above-ground parking due to soil conditions. Aoyuan’s website indicates that the plan includes “1,400 condominiums, 50 townhomes and a mix of commercial and retail units”.

4455 Alaska Street 

4455 AlaskaThis site is also located in the Brentwood Town Centre area and is slated for a tower. The 35,951 SF site is located at the corner of Alaska Street and Willingdon Avenue and is designated under the RM-4s high density residential guidelines which allow up to a density of 3.60 FAR. The developer for the proposed project is Amacon.


Rezoning Plans Unveiled for Catholic Charities Site

Amacon‘s formal rezoning application has been submitted to the City of Vancouver for a 24,289  SF land assembly at Robson between Cambie and Beatty that includes the Catholic Charities Men’s Hostel and the commercial building at 118 Robson Street (home to the bar/restaurant now known as ‘Back Forty’).

The plan calls for rezoning from DD to CD-1 to redevelop the site with a 29-storey mixed-use development and 6-storey podium, including:

  • Retention and restoration of the existing Northern Electric Building facade;
  • Hotel, commercial and residential uses, including 131 residential units;
  • 42 one-bedroom units, 71 two-bedrooms and 18 three-bedrooms;
  • Five levels of underground parking
  • A total density of 10.08 FSR; and
  • A building height of 290 ft.

150 Robson150 Robson_1 150 Robson_2The application describes the design rationale:

“The existing peripheral structure and complete envelope of the building will be preserved
and restored to strict heritage conservation guidelines outlined in the conservation plan. The interior of the building, which has little heritage value left, will be replaced with new construction: hotel rooms on the second and third floors; and hotel restaurant and hotel coffee shop on the ground floor, along Robson Street.”

New shelter space will be provided for the existing Catholic Charities shelter, as part of the agreement between the developer and Catholic Charities. This rezoning application is being considered under the Rezoning Policy for the Central Business District (CBD) and CBD Shoulder.

The architect for the project is GBL Architecture.

23-Storey Tower Proposed for Brentwood

Amacon‘s proposed rezoning of a 40,000 SF site in the Brentwood Town Centre area of Burnaby is seeking approval to move to public hearing. The site at 2285 Willingdon is comprised of an assembly of four older industrial buildings, and is located at the Northwest corner of Willingdon Avenue and Juneau Street. The proposed project anticipates rezoning under the RM4s designation. The plan calls for a 23-storey condo tower above underground parking including:

  • 147 condo units
  • 39 one-bedrooms, 92 two-bedrooms & 16 three-bedrooms (including 5 townhouses)
  • total density of 3.6 FAR
  • amenities including rooftop deck, game room, gym, spin room, yoga studio
  • 5,181 SF of amenity space
  • 201 parking spaces
  • 21 electric vehicle charge stations

2285 Willingdon

Market Spotlight: Burnaby Rezonings

Below is a summary of current rezoning applications going before the City of Burnaby council:

First Phases of Southgate Village Ledingham McAllister is moving forward with the first phases of their 48-acre Southgate Village project, a massive multi-phase development in South Burnaby, for which a master plan was approved in July 2015. The first phase includes a development in conjunction with BC Housing which owns a site across the street from the Southgate property.

  • 7121 Fourteenth Avenue

This 6.82 acre site is owned by BC Housing and was not part of the original Southgate rezoning. The application describes how BC Housing became involved with Ledingham McAllister:

“As the master planning work for the Southgate Village site advanced, an opportunity to also address the Cedar Place site became apparent. Extensive discussions with the applicant, BC Housing, and the City has resulted in an innovative approach to replace existing Cedar Place housing with new units, and access the value in the site itself to generate additional seniors’ non-market housing units.”

Currently, the site is improved with an older low-rise multiple family development in poor condition. The plan is to replace the Cedar Place units within the Southgate site (application below) and to redevelop the Cedar Place site with new family oriented affordable housing.

  • 7201 11th Avenue

The plan for this first phase is to build a 4-5 storey non-market rental apartment building on a 54,774 SF lot at the corner of 14th Avenue and Fifteenth Street. The non-market is intended as the first step to replace 90 social housing units located in a BC Housing development across the street, which is also slated for redevelopment by Ledingham McAllister. The end-result is that there will be a 2:1 replacement of units.

6695 Dunblane & 4909-4971 Imperial Street

This rezoning application in Metrotown, on behalf of Transca Real Estate Development is for the potential construction of a 35-40 storey highrise residential tower with street-oriented townhouses fronting Dunblane Avenue and live/work units fronting Imperial Street. The rezoning involves the consolidation of two sites under the RM3 and RM5s designations, which would total 58,499 SF. The sites were acquired as part of a land assembly in 2014; they are currently improved with lowrise apartments built in the 50’s and 60s.

2285 Willingdon Avenue and 4455-4483 Juneau Street

The plan for this 74,502 SF site in the southern part of the Brentwood Town Centre area owned by Amacon calls for a highrise residential tower and ground-oriented townhouses fronting Juneau Street. The site is comprised of existing industrial buildings and is designated under the Brentwood Town Centre Plan as RM4s, which allows a density of 3.6 FAR.

6921-6965 Arcola Street

This rezoning application is for a 23,760 SF site in the Edmonds area of Burnaby. The proposal is for a 22-unit, 3-storey townhouse development with underground parking. The site is an assembly of six run-down single family lots which are designated RM3 under the Edmonds Town Centre Plan. The total density for the site is proposed to be 1.1 FAR, though the applicant Kingswood Real Estate Management, can achieve a bonus of an additional 0.4 FAR under the plan guidelines.

Further information on these projects and other Burnaby applications can be found here.

27-Storey Condo Tower Planned for Metrotown

Amacon Development is planning to develop a tower on the Eastern edge of Metrotown in Burnaby. The 37,071 SF site is an assembly of four lots on Dunblane, Marlborough and Imperial Streets.  The site is currently improved with four older lowrise apartment buildings and has a high density RM-5s designation. The proposed project includes:

  • a 27-storey tower with townhouses on Marlborough and Imperial
  • 177 units
  • a total density of 4.88 FAR (172,717 SF)
  • 197 underground parking spaces
  • a CAC equivalent to $120 per buildable SF ($6,745,200)

6750 Dunblane


Market Spotlight: Modern – 1305 Burrard Street

By ChangingCity


Modern by Amacon has just completed construction on the former Commercial Electronics store location on Burrard Street. A modest (by Downtown standards) 17 storeys in height (due to a viewcone across the site), the final version of the IBI/HB designed tower has 118 units over retail. Like the YMCA ‘Patina’ tower and Shangri La, this tower is in the West End, although rezoned within the Downtown zoning district. It’s been just over two years from the first work on site.

The finished building looks pretty close to the sales pictures, although the shade of blue for the spandrel panels is quite a bit lighter than was implied in some initial renders, and the yellow highlights were coloured green on the initial project model.

…read more

Source:: Changing City

Two More Brentwood Projects Proposed

Two more residential projects are being proposed for the Brentwood Town Centre area of Burnaby:

1. Brentwood Mall Residential Tower 2

After selling out Tower 1 in a day last month, Shape Properties is pushing ahead with rezoning for Tower 2, which will be nearly identical in height at 53-storeys. This tower will similarly contain 591 units, with rental apartments on the lower floors, and 291 condo units above. The total height will be 611 ft., or approximately the same height at the Trump Tower downtown.

2. Willingdon and Dawson Lowrise

Amacon BrentwoodAmacon is proposing a 5-storey residential building with commercial on the ground floor; totalling 75 units. The total density is 2.1 FAR.

The site is ideally located near all of the highrise activity in the area.