26-Unit Rental Building Proposed for Marpole

A development application has been submitted to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop a two-lot assembly in Marpole at the corner of West 62nd Avenue and Columbia Street.

The plan for the RM-9 zoned, 9,681 SF site includes a 4-storey building with:

  • 26 rental apartment units
  • a total density of 1.91 FSR
  • 19 underground parking spaces on one level of underground

308 West 62nd Ave_1 308 West 62nd AveUnder the site’s existing RM-9 zoning, the application is “conditional”. The site falls just a few feet short of the required 90 ft. minimum site frontage and so the proponent has appealed to the Board of Variance. There is no CAC payable in this area of the Marpole Community Plan if the project is 100% rental. If the 90 ft. minimum site frontage is enforced, the project would be limited to 1.50 FSR.

The site was assembled between 2015 and 2016 for a total of $5,568,000, or $302 per buildable SF based on the proposed development.

The architect for the project is Stuart Howard Architects.

6-Storey Rental Building Planned for Kingsway

Another week, another rental apartment building rezoning application under the City of Vancouver’s Rental 100 program. This one is for a 12,300 SF site (99′ x 122′) located on the North side of Kingsway near Fraser Street. The application to for 855 Kingsway calls for a rezoning from the existing C-2 zoning to CD to permit the development of a six-storey mixed-use building. This is a concurrent rezoning and development permit application.

The proposal includes:

    • 49 secured market rental units;
    • 14 studios, 18 one-bedrooms, 12 two-bedrooms and 5 three-bedroom units
    • 4,043 SF of retail at grade;
    • A total density of 3.30 FSR;
    • A building height of 68.9 ft.; and
    • 25 underground parking spaces.

855 Kingsway855 Kingsway_1 855 Kingsway_2This application is being considered under the Secured Market Rental Housing (Rental 100) Policy.

The architect for the project is Cornerstone Architecture.

The site had sold in 2015 for $3,668,000, or approximately $91 per buildable SF.

Infill Apartment Building Planned for Arbutus Corridor

Strand Development has submitted a rezoning application for a 10,881 SF site on West 12th Avenue, next to the Arbutus greenway. The site is currently improved with an older commercial building occupied by Blenheim Import Auto Service. 

The plan for the site calls to rezone from the existing C-7 commercial zoning to permit the development of a 6-storey residential building. The proposal includes:

    • 48 rental apartment units;
    • 3 studios, 20 one-bedrooms, 15 two-bedrooms and 10 three-bedrooms
    • A total density of 3.47 FSR
    • A building height of 63.75 ft.; and
    • 20 underground parking spaces.

2075 West 12th2075 West 12th_2 2075 West 12th_1 The application is being made under the Rental 100 policy.

The architect for this project is Yamamoto Architecture.

Plan for West Broadway Denny’s Site Includes 153 Rental Units

A rezoning application has been submitted for the “Denny’s” site at 1296 West Broadway. The site was sold in February 2016 to Jameson Development Corp for $26,250,000. The rezoning for the 18,762 SF site call for a 16-storey mixed-use building with apartments above retail and a small office component. The proposal includes:

    • 153 rental apartment units;
    • 27 studios, 70 one-bedrooms, 41 two-bedrooms & 15 three-bedrooms
    • 30,220 SF of retail space on two levels
    • 4,891 SF of office space
    • A total density of 7.07 FSR;
    • A building height of 159 ft.; and
    • 168 parking spaces

1296-west-broadway_11296-west-broadway_4 1296-west-broadway_2 1296-west-broadway_3 This application is being considered under the Secured Market Rental Housing (Rental 100) Policy.

The architect for the project is IBI Group.

The land sale from last year equates to $198 per buildable SF based on the anticipated rezoning.

Rezoning Plan for Lougheed Village Site Includes Two New Rental Towers

A rezoning application has been submitted to the City of Burnaby for Lougheed Village, a 7.4 acre rental apartment property that is currently improved with two 25-storey concrete high-rise apartment buildings and two 9-storey mid-rise apartment buildings. The site has a total of 528 current rental apartment units.

lougheed villageThe property was acquired in December 2015 by Starlight Properties, based in Toronto, for $160 Million. Located within the Lougheed Town Centre Plan area, the property’s value was partially based on the potential to add density, now the subject of a current rezoning application. The rezoning calls to use the RM4s and C1 zones as the basis for a redevelopment that includes four new residential buildings and reconfiguration of some of the existing buildings.

The site fronts Lougheed Highway, but has an address on Erickson Drive.

Details include:

  • a new 36-storey rental apartment tower (south tower)
  • a new 22-storey rental apartment tower (north tower)
  • a new 8-storey rental apartment midrise (“middle lodge”)
  • a new 3-storey rental townhouse building
  • demolition of the 2nd storey of existing commercial building
  • conversion of existing larger penthouse units into 43 new smaller units
  • creation of new amenity spaces
  • 645 total new rental units
  • 1,173 rental units in total
  • total density of 3.6 FAR (up from existing 1.88 FAR)

lougheed-village_1The site sits just one block West of Shape’s large scale mixed-use development “The City of Lougheed” currently in initial stages of development.

If supported at Council, the application will move forward to a more detailed package that would be presented at a public hearing early next year.

96-Unit Rental Apartment Building Planned for North Van

A rezoning application has been filed for a new rental apartment development in the Central Lonsdale area of the City of North Vancouver. The proposal is for 154 East 18th Street,  an existing 31 unit lowrise rental building built in 1964 at the northeast corner of East 18th Street and St. George’s Avenue. The lot is 24,880 SF with a frontage 182 feet and a depth of 137 feet. The existing zoning is RM-1.

The plan for the site is to demolish the existing building and replace it with a new 6-storey woodframe rental building, including:

  • 96 rental apartment units (a net gain of 65 units)
  • 9 studios, 56 one-bedrooms, 17 two-bedrooms, 14 three-bedrooms
  • a total density of 2.60 FAR (64,650 SF)
  • one level of underground parking for tenants (56 spaces)

154-18 154-18_1

The proposed development has been designed to minimize the impact of the new building on the existing neighbourhood, particularly for properties to the east of St. George’s Avenue, which have lower land use designations in the OCP. On the St. George’s Avenue frontage, the building height is designed to appear as five storeys, with an additional storey sunken below grade, and is further reduced to two storeys at the northeast corner of the site.

Further, the proposal includes the provision of 10 units at below market rents to assist the City’s housing affordability goals. Termed “Mid-Market Rental” (MMR) units, the aim of MMR units is to retain affordability for renters, while renewing and adding to the supply of new rental housing in the City.

The architect for the project is Metric Architecture.