Cressey Unveils Plans for Rental Building at 2nd & Main

Cressey has filed a rezoning application for a site at the corner of Main and East 2nd Avenue in East Vancouver.  The 18,683 SF triangular site at 1800-1880 Main Street is currently zoned IC-2, but the Mount Pleasant Community Plan allows for residential rezoning. 

The plan is for a redevelopment of the site to allow an 11-storey mixed-use building that includes:

      • 131 rental units;
      • 34 studios, 51 one-bedrooms, 36 two-bedrooms and 10 three-bedrooms
      • Two commercial units at grade;
      • A total density of 5.02 FSR;
      • A height of 113.4 ft.; and
      • 88 parking spaces (including 6 car share spaces).

1880 Main_11880 Main_21880 Main_3The architect for the project is Francl Architecture.

Cressey acquired the site in 2016 for $17,000,000, or $181 per buildable SF based on the rezoned density.

Plan for Burritt Bros Site Includes 45 Rental Units

Landa Global has submitted their development application for the Burritt Bros site at Main Street and 20th in East Vancouver. Landa acquired the site at 3594 Main Street in a bid process in September 2015, for $11,400,000. Landa was featured in the Globe and Mail at the time of sale.

The plans for the 16,963 SF, C-2 zoned site includes:

    • a 4-storey building
    • 6,275 SF of ground floor retail
    • 45 rental apartment units
    • “high percentage” of family-friendly two-bedroom units
    • 2.5 FSR density
    • one level of underground parking with access from the lane

3594-main3594-main_1The architect for the project is Yamamoto Architecture.

Laneway Infill Apartments Planned for West End Property

A development application has been filed for a new laneway infill apartment building on a 66′ lot in the West End. 1176 Burnaby Street, owned by Lantern Properties, has an existing 11-storey, 41-unit apartment building known as Newport Apartments.

The laneway apartment application is for the rear of the property, currently a surface parking area. Details include:

  • 9 rental apartments
  • building height of 47 ft
  • Total area of 6,852 SF
  • 7 underground parking stalls accessed off the lane

The site is zoned RM-5A and the West End Community Plan, adopted in 2014, amended the RM zones to allow infill apartments on laneways where there is sufficient room for them.




Additional Rental Density Planned for West End Heritage Building

Plan A Real Estate has applied to the City of Vancouver to develop additional rental units on an apartment building they own at 1170 Barclay Street, The “Florida Apartments”. The proposal for the site includes:

    • interior and exterior alterations, including a 2-storey plus roof deck addition,
    • a Heritage Revitalization Agreement, to this existing two-storey plus basement, multiple dwelling building,
    • increasing the number of apartment units from 16 to 28 units
    • 7 surface parking spaces at the rear, having vehicular access from the lane
    • total overall density of 2.07 FSR. (17,909 SF).

Under the site’s existing RM-5B zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Director of Planning.

Existing Building

Existing Building

1170 Barclay_2 1170 Barclay_1

The architect for the project is Hearth Architectural Inc. The application explains the design rationale:

“The development proposal for The Florida is to preserve and restore the existing Heritage Class “B” Art Deco building that has long been in disrepair and in need of a major renovation. An addition to the restoration of The Florida will take the form of two storeys that steps back from the face of the existing building to emphasize the original heritage massing and form. With a total of 5 storeys in the new development proposal for The Florida, the floor plans will be redesigned to house more functional living spaces and provide for a good mix of studios, one bedrooms and two bedroom apartments. A total of 23 apartments will provide livability options for West End residents.”

The building was acquired in 2010 for $3,360,000, or a 3.5% cap rate.

Construction Update: 2975 Oak Street

Here is an update for an interesting rental apartment project at Oak and West 14th Street. The project, by Aquilini Development, involved heritage retention of an existing 14-unit apartment building known as the Santa Fe Apartments.

As part of the heritage retention, Aquilini received approval for a 10-storey, 50-unit rental apartment building in behind the current structure, with a total density of 2.8 FSR under the RM-3 zoning. The project was unique in that only 14 units existed on a 12,500 SF site.

The project was approved at public hearing in May 2014.

The concrete tower is now topped out, although completion appears to be several months away yet.

2975 Oak (4)

courtesy mcminsen via @imageshack

2975 Oak (3)

courtesy mcminsen via @imageshack

2975 Oak (2)

courtesy mcminsen via @imageshack

2975 Oak (1)

courtesy mcminsen via @imageshack

Rental Apartments Planned for East Vancouver Site

Decorus Developments has filed a rezoning application for a C-1 zoned strip retail property at the corner of Broadway and Renfrew in East Vancouver. The plan for the site at 2894 East Broadway calls for rezoning from the existing C-1 to allow a new rental apartment buildings that includes:

    • A new 4-storey building
    • Commercial use at ground level;
    • Total of 37 secured market rental units on the 3 upper storeys;
    • A height of 46.4 ft.;
    • A density of 2.65 FSR.

This application is being considered under the Secured Market Rental Housing (Rental 100) Program.

2894 East Broadway_12894 East Broadway 2894 East Broadway_2