Wesgroup Acquires Chevron Site at 41st & Oak

Wesgroup has acquired the Chevron at 1008 West 41st Avenue (Southwest corner of Oak and 41st) for $12,249,400. The 135′ x 130′ (17,500 SF) site is currently zoned C-1 commercial, but can be potentially rezoned to allow greater density for rental housing.

Wesgroup also acquired the adjacent building and lot to the South at 5775 Oak Street earlier this year for $16,350,000.

1008 West 41st

The two sites combined would create a consolidated lot 35,980 SF in size.

Apartment Building Planned on Small East Van Lot

Rejoyce Investment Corp. has submitted a rezoning application to rezone a single 38 x 112 ft. commercial lot at 4459 Rupert Street, between East 28th and East 29th Avenue. The building is to be called “The Monad on Rupert Street”, modeled after a similar 5-unit building constructed in Kits in 2010

The existing zoning of the 4,270 SF site is C-1 (Commercial), and the plan is to redevelop  site with  a 4-storey mixed-use building. This is a concurrent rezoning and development permit application.

The proposal includes:

    • 14 rental apartment units;
    • Four studios, 5 one-bedrooms & 5 two-bedrooms;
    • 2,424 SF of retail space;
    • A total density of 2.40 FSR;
    • A building height of 49 ft.; and
    • 9 parking spaces and 30 bicycle parking spaces.

4459 Rupert 4459 Rupert_2 4459 Rupert_12nd Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

This application is being considered under the Secured Market Rental Housing (Rental 100) Policy.

The architect for the project is Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture (LWPAC).

55-Unit Rental Building Planned for Rupert Street Site

A rezoning application has been submitted for a new rental apartment building for a site at the Southwest corner of Rupert Street and East 22nd Avenue; just down and across the street from a Rental 100 project, currently in final stages of rezoning approval. The site is currently improved with an older single-storey retail building.

The plan for the site at 3281-3295 East 22nd Avenue is to rezone from the existing C-1 commercial zoning to CD zoning to allow a 6-storey mixed-use project.

The application includes the following:

    • 55 market rental units;
    • 14 studios, 16 one-bedrooms, 18 two-bedrooms & 7 three-bedrooms;
    • 6,888 SF of ground floor retail space;
    • A total density of 3.03 FSR;
    • A building height of 72 ft.; and
    • 43 underground parking spaces.

3281 E 22nd3281 E 22nd_23281 E 22nd_3The application is being considered under the Affordable Housing Choices Interim Rezoning Policy.

The architect for the project is Cornerstone Architecture.

Rental Apartments Planned for East Vancouver Site

Decorus Developments has filed a rezoning application for a C-1 zoned strip retail property at the corner of Broadway and Renfrew in East Vancouver. The plan for the site at 2894 East Broadway calls for rezoning from the existing C-1 to allow a new rental apartment buildings that includes:

    • A new 4-storey building
    • Commercial use at ground level;
    • Total of 37 secured market rental units on the 3 upper storeys;
    • A height of 46.4 ft.;
    • A density of 2.65 FSR.

This application is being considered under the Secured Market Rental Housing (Rental 100) Program.

2894 East Broadway_12894 East Broadway 2894 East Broadway_2