Mixed-Use Development Planned for Commercial & Pender

Cressey Development Group has applied to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop a 24,775 SF site at the Northwest corner of Commercial Drive and East Pender Street in East Vancouver. The site is currently zoned MC-1, which allows a total combined mixed-use density up to 2.50 FSR and 4-storeys.

The site is actually located within the boundaries of the Grandview Woodland Community Plan which allows up to 6-storeys, but Cressey has elected to develop under the existing zoning, rather than rezoning. The site to the immediate North can be built up to 10-storeys per the Grandview Plan.

The development proposal for the site at 485 Commercial Drive is for a 4-storey mixed-use residential/commercial building containing:

    • 8,206 SF of retail space in two CRU units fronting Commercial Drive;
    • 3,226 SF of office space on the 2nd floor;
    • 10 rental units (4 studios, 4 one-bedrooms and 2 two-bedrooms)
    • 31 condo units (10 studios and 21 three-bedroom townhouse units)
    • a total density of 2.23 FSR;
    • an overall building height varying from 46.42 feet – 49.67 feet; and
    • one level of underground parking providing 61 parking spaces, having vehicular access from the lane.
    • 11,493 SF of gardens and decks.


The architect, Gair Williamson describes the application: “The proposed mixed-use development comprises residential, commercial and office units in forms of four discrete building blocks gathered around an internal courtyard. Bounded by two streets, a laneway and a part wall to the west, the development proposes distinct functions and facade treatments on each elevation. Back of house on the laneway serves parking and utilities; the Commercial Drive frontage is dedicated to commercial units, and the East Pender Street elevation accommodates two main lobby entrances for the residential and commercial components, as well as individual entries to the residential units at grade.

A key feature of the proposed development is the courtyard on the 2nd level. Not only does it host entrances to the residential units, but accomodates a safe, semi-private outdoor amenity for families, allowing functions such as communal gathering and playing.”

The application requires a variance to the maximum allowable height by just a few feet.

The full application can be viewed here (for a limited time only): http://development.vancouver.ca/pc485commerical/index.htm

Rental Building Planned for Downtown Eastside Parking Lot

Plans have emerged for a site owned by Holborn Group at the Northeast corner of Abbott Street and Hastings Street near Victory Square and across the street from Woodwards. The site has long been unimproved and used a surface parking lot. The lot is 99′ x 132′ and is currently zoned DD.

Holborn has now submitted a rezoning application for a 10-storey mixed-use building with:

  • 132 rental units
  • 83 studio units, 4 one-bedrooms and 45 two-bedrooms
  • 5,494 SF of commercial space on the ground floor
  • a total density of 7.62 FSR
  • 74 vehicle parking spaces on one level of underground parking
  • 167 bicycle parking spaces
  • a building height of 105 ft.


The application describes the design rationale:

“Our key place making and built form strategies reinforce the prevailing context through contemporary architectural expression, recognizing and strengthening the historic form and scale with an emphasis on appropriate frontage and modulating heights that provide a transitional scale from the Paris Block to Woodward’s. The residential entry is on Abbott
The Hastings Street massing provides varying material treatments approximating the historic lot sizes, with no continuous elevation treatment greater than 75 feet. The contextual fit of the building is based on an analysis and reinterpretation of the historic building typologies in the area. The east 7 storey segment of the Hastings Street elevation aligns with the Paris Block 2 lots over, while the west 8 storey segment aligns with the historic Woodward’s façade across Abbott Street. Levels 8-10 of the east segment are set back 8 feet from the street, while levels 9 and 10 of the west segment are recessed one foot from the lower façade.
The Abbott Street facade has the same materiality and setback at levels 9 and 10 as the Hasting Street façade; however, there is no vertical saw tooth as this is a minor street. The retail facades on both Hastings an d Abbott Street are articulated i nto small bays. In order to not encroach upon existing mature trees on Abbott and Hastings Streets, we have provided a 5’ wide canopy on both Abbott and Hastings Streets major facades.”

The architect for the project is Gair Williamson.