Two Tower Residential/Hotel Project Planned for Richmond

GBL Architects has applied to the City of Richmond for permission to rezone a 1.20 acre site at 8091 Capstan Way, from “Auto-Oriented Commercial (CA)” to “Residential/Limited Commercial (RCL5)”, to permit the construction of a two-tower, high-density, mixed use development in the City Centre’s Capstan Village area.

The site sits directly across the street to the South of the Wall Centre Richmond complex.

The proposed development includes:

  • 136 residential units
  • 59 one-bedrooms, 77 two & three bedrooms
  • 75 hotel rooms
  • 9,688 SF of ground floor retail
  • a total density of 3.65 FAR
  • a cash contribution of $1,141,402 and public dedication
  • 193 underground parking spaces

8091 Capstan8091 Capstan_1

Latest Cambie Corridor Project Includes 65-Units

The City of Vancouver has received an application to rezone 5130-5170 Cambie Street , a three lot land assembly, from RS-1 to CD-1 to allow a 6-storey building including:

  • 65 condo units;
  • a  building height of 70 ft. from grade;
  • a total density of 2.44 FSR; and
  • two levels of underground parking with 98 vehicle parking spaces and 96 bicycle spaces.

5130 Cambie5130 Cambie_1 5130 Cambie_2The application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan.

The architect for the project is GBL Architects.

The site was assembled between 2014 and 2016 for a total of $11,700,000, or $185 per buildable SF.

Latest Cambie Rezoning Features 66-Units

The latest rezoning application along the Cambie Corridor is for a site at 6829-6869 Cambie Street, a 3-lot land assembly across from Langara Golf Course just North of West 54th Avenue.  The plan for the 23,385 SF site is for a 6-storey building including:

  • a total of 66 condo units;
  • 28 one-bedrooms, 31 two-bedrooms & 7 three-bedrooms
  • a maximum building height of 69 ft.;
  • a total density of 2.52 FSR; and
  • a total of 103 underground parking spaces and 86 bicycle parking spaces.

6829 Cambie6829 Cambie_16829 Cambie_2The application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan.

The site was acquired in 2016 for $17,575,000, or $298 per buildable SF based on the proposed density.

The architect for the project is GBL Architects.

Redevelopment Proposed for Chinese Presbyterian Church Site

A rezoning application has been submitted for the Chinese Presbyterian Church at 6137 Cambie Street, located on the West side of Cambie Street just a block south of Oakridge Centre.

The church sits on a 13,000 SF site that was redesignated under the Cambie Corridor Plan. The current proposal envisions redeveloping the church with a new 7-storey mixed-use building over two levels underground parking, including:

  • a replacement church on the ground level;
  • 68 childcare spaces;
  • a total of 20 secured market rental units;
  • a total floor area of 39,982 SF;
  • a total density of 3.08 FSR;
  • a building height of 83 ft.;
  • 56 vehicle parking spaces; and
  • 31 bicycle spaces.

6137 Cambie_2 6137 Cambie6137 Cambie_1The architect for the project is GBL Architects.

Mixed-Use Project Planned for No.3 Road & Anderson Site

1004732 BC Ltd. has applied to the City of Richmond to rezone a 52,541 SF site at the Northeast corner of No. 3 Road and Anderson Road for a new mixed-use project. The site is located in Richmond’s City Centre Brighouse Village area plan.
The proposed rezoning includes a new residential tower and new office tower with a commercial podium including:
  • 75 condo units in a 10-storey building fronting Anderson Rd
  • 12,371 SF of retail space on the ground level
  • 105,420 SF of office space in a 12-storey building fronting No.3 Road
  • a total density of 3.00 FAR
  • 237 underground parking spaces
6840 No.3 Road_1 6840 No. 3 RoadThe architect for the project is GBL Architects.

54-Unit Building Planned for West 41st near Cambie

iFortune Homes has submitted a rezoning application for a three lot land assembly in the Cambie Corridor area. The address for the combined 21,342 SF site is 5733 Alberta Street and 376-392 West 41st Avenue. The preliminary plan calls for a 6-storey building that includes:

  • 54 market residential units;
  • 17 one-bedroom units, 23 two-bedrooms & 14 three-bedroom units
  • a building height of 69 ft.;
  • a density of 2.63 FSR; and
  • 62 underground parking spaces and 84 bicycle parking spaces.

5733-alberta 5733-alberta_1 5733-alberta_2The application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan.

The architect for the project is GBL Architects.

16-Unit Building Planned for West 17th & Heather

GBL Architects Inc. has applied to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop an 11,484 SF, C-2 zoned site at the corner of West 17th Avenue and Heather Street. The site is currently improved with a 3-storey walkup apartment building with ground floor retail.

Basic plan details consist of a 4-storey mixed use building with:

    • one level of Retail and four levels of Residential
    • 16 units
    • 10 two-bedrooms and 6 three-bedrooms
    • total density of 2.44 FSR
    • 2 levels of underground parking, having vehicular access from the lane.

711-west-17th_2711-west-17th711-west-17th_1Under the site’s existing C-2 zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Director of Planning.

The site was listed for sale in early 2016 and sold to a numbered company for $9,100,000, or $325 per buildable SF.