Latest Cambie Corridor Project Includes 65-Units

The City of Vancouver has received an application to rezone 5130-5170 Cambie Street , a three lot land assembly, from RS-1 to CD-1 to allow a 6-storey building including:

  • 65 condo units;
  • a  building height of 70 ft. from grade;
  • a total density of 2.44 FSR; and
  • two levels of underground parking with 98 vehicle parking spaces and 96 bicycle spaces.

5130 Cambie5130 Cambie_1 5130 Cambie_2The application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan.

The architect for the project is GBL Architects.

The site was assembled between 2014 and 2016 for a total of $11,700,000, or $185 per buildable SF.

Latest Cambie Rezoning Features 66-Units

The latest rezoning application along the Cambie Corridor is for a site at 6829-6869 Cambie Street, a 3-lot land assembly across from Langara Golf Course just North of West 54th Avenue.  The plan for the 23,385 SF site is for a 6-storey building including:

  • a total of 66 condo units;
  • 28 one-bedrooms, 31 two-bedrooms & 7 three-bedrooms
  • a maximum building height of 69 ft.;
  • a total density of 2.52 FSR; and
  • a total of 103 underground parking spaces and 86 bicycle parking spaces.

6829 Cambie6829 Cambie_16829 Cambie_2The application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan.

The site was acquired in 2016 for $17,575,000, or $298 per buildable SF based on the proposed density.

The architect for the project is GBL Architects.

Redevelopment Proposed for Chinese Presbyterian Church Site

A rezoning application has been submitted for the Chinese Presbyterian Church at 6137 Cambie Street, located on the West side of Cambie Street just a block south of Oakridge Centre.

The church sits on a 13,000 SF site that was redesignated under the Cambie Corridor Plan. The current proposal envisions redeveloping the church with a new 7-storey mixed-use building over two levels underground parking, including:

  • a replacement church on the ground level;
  • 68 childcare spaces;
  • a total of 20 secured market rental units;
  • a total floor area of 39,982 SF;
  • a total density of 3.08 FSR;
  • a building height of 83 ft.;
  • 56 vehicle parking spaces; and
  • 31 bicycle spaces.

6137 Cambie_2 6137 Cambie6137 Cambie_1The architect for the project is GBL Architects.

Mixed-Use Project Planned for No.3 Road & Anderson Site

1004732 BC Ltd. has applied to the City of Richmond to rezone a 52,541 SF site at the Northeast corner of No. 3 Road and Anderson Road for a new mixed-use project. The site is located in Richmond’s City Centre Brighouse Village area plan.
The proposed rezoning includes a new residential tower and new office tower with a commercial podium including:
  • 75 condo units in a 10-storey building fronting Anderson Rd
  • 12,371 SF of retail space on the ground level
  • 105,420 SF of office space in a 12-storey building fronting No.3 Road
  • a total density of 3.00 FAR
  • 237 underground parking spaces
6840 No.3 Road_1 6840 No. 3 RoadThe architect for the project is GBL Architects.

54-Unit Building Planned for West 41st near Cambie

iFortune Homes has submitted a rezoning application for a three lot land assembly in the Cambie Corridor area. The address for the combined 21,342 SF site is 5733 Alberta Street and 376-392 West 41st Avenue. The preliminary plan calls for a 6-storey building that includes:

  • 54 market residential units;
  • 17 one-bedroom units, 23 two-bedrooms & 14 three-bedroom units
  • a building height of 69 ft.;
  • a density of 2.63 FSR; and
  • 62 underground parking spaces and 84 bicycle parking spaces.

5733-alberta 5733-alberta_1 5733-alberta_2The application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan.

The architect for the project is GBL Architects.

16-Unit Building Planned for West 17th & Heather

GBL Architects Inc. has applied to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop an 11,484 SF, C-2 zoned site at the corner of West 17th Avenue and Heather Street. The site is currently improved with a 3-storey walkup apartment building with ground floor retail.

Basic plan details consist of a 4-storey mixed use building with:

    • one level of Retail and four levels of Residential
    • 16 units
    • 10 two-bedrooms and 6 three-bedrooms
    • total density of 2.44 FSR
    • 2 levels of underground parking, having vehicular access from the lane.

711-west-17th_2711-west-17th711-west-17th_1Under the site’s existing C-2 zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Director of Planning.

The site was listed for sale in early 2016 and sold to a numbered company for $9,100,000, or $325 per buildable SF.

Rental Apartments Planned for East Vancouver Strip Mall Property

A rezoning application has been made for a 29,102 SF site at 3868 Rupert Street (at East 22nd St) for rezoning to allow rental apartments. The site is currently improved with a grocery store – Chong Lee Market and some retail units along with surface parking.

3868 Rupert 3868 Rupert_1

The proposal calls for rezoning from C-1 to CD-1 to permit the development of 6-storey mixed-use building that includes:

    • 112 secured market rental units;
    • 78 one-bedrooms, 30 two-bedrooms and 4 three-bedrooms
    • 10,856 SF retail uses in six CRUs on the ground floor
    • a total density 3.60 FSR
    • a building height of six storeys ; and
    • 158 underground parking spaces.

The application is being considered under the Affordable Housing Choices Interim Rezoning Policy.3868 Rupert_2

The architect, GBL, describes the application:

“This project will take into account these neighbourhood factors by providing appropriate up to date commercial premises for the existing tenants and providing good quality affordable rental accommodation for the locale. The Renfrew Collingwood area has great community facilities and a number of schools close by. With this in mind, over a quarter of the units will be 2 and 3 bedrooms for families.

We are proposing that the site is rezoned for a six storey building which accommodates one floor of commercial, five floors of market rental units above over two levels of underground parking. The project will follow the Rental 100 City Policy. The area of the project is 104,667 SF, yielding an F.S.R. of 3.60. The project proposes six commercial retail units with specific size requirements ranging from circa. 670 SF up to 11,760S SF. Commercial entrances are located on Rupert Street. The Residential Lobby is positioned to the south side of the site at 23rd Avenue allowing for an uninterrupted commercial frontage. The project proposes 112 Rental Units on Levels 2-6 with over a quarter designated as 2+ bedroom family units. The average sizes meet the Rental 100 requirements with 1 beds at 570SF, 2 beds at 730SF and 3 beds at 937SF. We recognize there are good community facilities and schools in the area and our Client wants to provide a range of accommodation types which will appeal to a varied market of future tenants.”