32-Storey Tower Planned for West End Site

A partnership between Strand Development and Intracorp has submitted an application to rezone a site located at 1055 Harwood Street, between Thurlow and Burrard in the West End area of Downtown Vancouver.

The proposal is for a 32-storey residential building with:

  • 82 market residential units;
  • 68 two-bedrooms, 8 three-bedrooms and 6 four-bedrooms;
  • 44 social housing units;
  • a density of 10.35 FSR;
  • four levels of underground parking with 156 vehicle parking stalls;
  • 158 bicycle parking spaces; and
  • a building height of 300 ft.

1055 Harwood_51055 Harwood_4 1055 Harwood_2 1055 Harwood_3The RM-5A zoned site was redesignated under the West End Community Plan, adopted in 2014. Currently occupied by a lowrise coop, the site was acquired in August 2016 for $40.5 Million.

The application describes the design rationale:

“The overall form for the proposed building is one that is familiar to the West End. The tower, as proposed, is a 32-storey tower interlocked with a very small 6,300 square foot, seven storey (60’) base, thereafter tapering into a slender 5,500 square foot floorplate for the remainder of the building’s tower element.
The building has been designed as a “tower in the park” with the use of concrete and brick to create an articulated base transitioning into a slender tower with a simple concrete frame featuring expansive windows, spandrel glass and spacious balconies that are predominately inset into the building’s facade.”
The architect for the project is NSDA Architects.

Townhouse & Apartment Project Planned Near Coquitlam Centre

Intracorp has applied to to rezone an 4.83 acre piece of land near the City Centre area of Coquitlam. The site is currently owned by the Finnish Canadian Rest Home Association who will be partnering with Intracorp to allow a new townhouse development coupled with a new independent-living rental apartment building for seniors over 60.

The site itself will be subdivided into two pieces, one to the West allowing new townhouse development, and the other allowing the new apartment development. The two pieces will be separated by a new extension to Hudson Street. Project details include:

Townhouses & Duplexes

  • Site area of 3.56 acres
  • 76 duplex and townhouse strata units in three rows with large courtyard
  • Density of 0.81 FAR
  • 2 two-bedrooms, 45 three-bedrooms & 29 two-bedrooms
  • 138 parking stalls

Seniors Apartment Building

  • Site area of 0.86 acres
  • 67 units in a 4-storey building
  • Density of 1.52 FAR
  • 5 studios, 42 one-bedrooms and 20 two-bedrooms



Townhouse Component


Seniors Apartment Component


Site Plan

26-Unit Townhouse Project Planned for Granville Street

Intracorp has filed an application for an RM-8N zoned, 5-lot land assembly on Granville Street at Park Drive/West 59th Ave that was rezoned in the Marpole Community Plan in 2014. The plan for the site includes:

  • five 2.5 storey courtyard townhouse buildings
  • 26 three-bedroom townhouse units
  • one level of underground parking
  • 41,095 SF
  • a total density of 1.20 FSR

The architect for the project is SHIFT architecture.

7428 Granville_1

7428 Granville

Marpole Hospital Site Slated for Rezoning

Intracorp has filed a rezoning application for a 61,604 SF site at 375 West 59th Avenue from RS-1 to CD-1. The site is currently occupied by a lowrise private hospital called Amherst Hospital. The plan is for a residential development with two 6-storey buildings and one 5-storey building, including:

    • 154 residential units;
    • a maximum height of 74.7 ft.;
    • a density of 2.83 FSR
    • 229 underground parking spaces

Amherst Amherst2


24-Unit Townhouse Project Proposed for Marpole

Intracorp has submitted a development application  to develop a townhouse project on a 6-lot assembly, 29,740 SF site. The project will contain 24 ground oriented courtyard units in seven 2.5 storey buildings, over one level of underground parking providing a total of 52 parking spaces having vehicular access from the lane. Per the Marpole Community Plan, the maximum density allowable is 1.2 FSR.

This is the first development application under the City’s new RM-8 zoning.

238-268 West 62nd Ave_2238-268 West 62nd Ave_3


Developer Promises Cash, Not Affordable Housing

Richmond city council is set to consider another case of a developer having a change of heart on affordable housing.

Intracorp’s Hollybridge Limited Partnership had planned to construct a standalone building with 29 low-end market rental housing units as part of a multi-tower development of 586 homes in the Oval Village.

Now it’s seeking the city’s permission to pay $4.6 million into the city’s affordable housing fund instead of building affordable living units. The figure is based on the five per cent affordable housing required in exchange for a density bonus.

Intracorp’s development site, at 6888 River Rd. and 6900 Pearson Way, is near the Richmond Olympic Oval. Floor area originally intended for affordable housing would be used for market residential units and additional street-level commercial space, according to a staff report.

City staff are recommending council approve the change, and funnel the cash into an affordable housing project planned for city-owned land at 8111 Granville Ave., and scheduled for completion in spring 2016.

Read more: http://www.richmondreview.com/news/263560851.html