19-Unit Condo Building Planned for Granville

A rezoning application has been submitted for a 6,301 SF mid-block site at 8795-8803 Granville Street, near the Southern end of Granville. The proposal includes a rezoning from RM-3A to CD-1 to allow a new six-storey residential building, including:

      • 19 residential units
      • 4 studios, 8 one-bedrooms, 6 two-bedrooms and 1 three-bedroom
      • 2,306 SF of ground floor retail space
      • a total density of 2.48 FSR;
      • a building height of 66 ft.;
      • 17 underground parking spaces and 25 bicycle spaces.

8795 Granville8795 Granville_18795 Granville_2The application is being considered under the Marpole Community Plan.

The architect for the project is Matthew Cheng Architects.

New Rental Building Planned for Marpole Site

Domus Homes has submitted a rezoning application for the redevelopment of a 16,200 SF apartment property in Marpole. The application seeks to rezone 8615 Laurel Street from RM-3A to allow a 6-storey secured market rental building that includes:

  • 65 market rental apartment units;
  • 43 One-bedrooms, 21 Two-bedrooms, and 1 Three-bedroom
  • a total density of 2.50 FSR;
  • a building height of 66 ft.;
  • 35 vehicle parking spaces; and
  • 87 bicycle spaces.

8615 Laurel8615 Laurel_18615 Laurel_2The application is being considered under the Marpole Community Plan.

The architect for the project is Birmingham & Wood.

8-Storey Condo Building Planned for 67th & Oak in Marpole

Coromandel Properties (formerly CM Bay Properties) has submitted an application to rezone an 18,274 SF site they own at the Northeast corner of Oak Street and West 67th Avenue in Marpole.

The vacant site is a former Esso Station that was sold by Imperial Oil through a market bid process. The sale closed in March 2016 for $8,350,000, or $151 per buildable SF based upon the anticipated rezoning described herein.

The proposal for a new development is for an 8-storey, mixed-use building that includes:

  • a total of 50 condo units;
  • 23 one-bedrooms, 20 two-bedrooms, 7 three-bedrooms
  • 3,172 SF of retail area at grade;
  • 4,700 SF of office space on the 2nd floor;
  • a building height of 99 ft.;
  • a density of 3.0 FSR;
  • 104 parking spaces and 67 bicycle parking spaces;
  • a public plaza

8242 Oak_28242 Oak_3 8242 Oak_1 8242 OakThe application is being considered under the Marpole Community Plan, which was adopted by the City of Vancouver in 2014.

The architect for the project is IBI Group.

Two 6-storey Buildings Planned for Marpole

Vanac Development has submitted an application to rezone two adjacent three-lot single family land assemblies for new 6-storey condo buildings under the Marpole Community Plan.

The two 18,000 SF sites are located at 470-486 West 58th Avenue and 469-485 West 59th Avenue and the two separate rezoning applications each call for a six-storey residential building, including:

    • a floor space ratio (FSR) of 2.50
    • a building height of 21 m (69 ft.) from grade;
    • 43 residential units; and
    • 63 underground parking spaces over one and a half levels 60 bicycle spaces.

469-west-59thThe applications are being considered under the Marpole Community Plan.

The architect for the project is Francl Architecture.

33-Unit Project Planned for Marpole

Alabaster Homes has applied to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop a 20,084 SF 4-lot land assembly at the Southwest corner of Yukon Street and West 59th Avenue. The plan for the project entitled ‘Yukon Residences’ includes:

  • four new 4-storey buildings
  • 33 3-bedroom townhome units and single-level garden home units
  • 70 parking spaces in two levels of underground parking; and
  • net floor area of 40,208 SF
  • total density of 2.0 FSR

Under the site’s existing RM-9 zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Director of Planning.

The architect for the project is Formwerks Architectural.7521 Yukon

7521 Yukon_2

Front Elevation – Building 4

7521 Yukon_1

Front Elevation – Building 1

6-Storey Building Planned for Emerging Area of Marpole

An application has been submitted to rezone an 11,500 SF mid-block site at 8815-8827 Selkirk Street. Th plan is to rezone from the current MC-1 industrial zoning to allow for a 6-storey mixed-use building. The proposal is being made under the Marpole Community Plan, and the project includes:

  • 33 residential units;
  • 24 one-bedrooms, 6 two-bedrooms and 3 three-bedrooms
  • 2,408 SF of commercial space on the ground floor;
  • a building height of 61 ft.;
  • a total density of 2.96 FSR; and
  • 36 vehicle parking spaces and 42 bicycle spaces.

The site is currently improved with two older lowrise office/industrial buildings. The area south of West 70th Avenue has potential for new residential buildings, but so far has been slower to develop than other more established residential areas of Marpole.

8815 Selkirk 8815 Selkirk_1 8815 Selkirk_2The architect for the project is Wilson Chang.

15-Unit Townhouse Project Planned for Marpole

A development application has been filed for a new townhouse project in Marpole; one of nearly a dozen that have been brought forward in the new RM-8 zone created in the Marpole Community Plan in 2014. The proposal in question is by Alabaster Homes for a 22,027 SF site at 8107-8123 Shaughnessy Street (one block East of Oak). The site comprises an assembly of four existing single family lots. The proposal includes:

  • 15 courtyard townhouse units (1,426 – 1,712 SF)
  • 3 & 4-bedroom units
  • three 2.5 storey buildings
  • 28 ft. courtyard
  • one level of underground parking
8107 Shaughnessy_1

Existing 4-single family houses

8107 Shaughnessy 8107 Shaughnessy_2The architect for the project is Formwerks Architectural.

Alabaster has other townhouse projects in the works in Marpole, including Osler Residences (currently in pre-sales) and Oak & Park.