Market Spotlight: Burnaby Rezoning Applications

More rezoning applications head to Burnaby City Council next week. Below is a brief summary of some of the larger projects planned which, this week, includes only Metrotown highrise sites (of which there are many!):

6525 Telford Avenue


This 48,553 SF site, owned by Intracorp, is located just south of Beresford in Metrotown and is improved with an older walkup apartment building. Now designated RM5s in the Metrotown Plan, the site is slated for a highrise tower at 5.0 FAR, which will be Intracorp’s ninth tower in Metrotown.



6556-6596 Marlborough Avenue

This 36,361 SF site assembly of five lots is located at the northeast corner of Marlborough Avenue and Grimmer on the East side of Metrotown. The application, by Accorde Properties, proposes a residential highrise with townhouses under the RM4s designation at 3.60 FAR.



5852 Patterson Avenue

This is a 20,000 SF site located mid-block on Patterson between Kingsway and Central Boulevard. The site is in the “Central Park East” neighbourhood of the Metrotown Plan and has an RM5s designation. The plan includes 31 rental units in addition to market condo units. The total density is 4.7 FAR. The developer is Artillery Developments, with development consulting by Brook Pooni. A variance is required as the site is under the 24,000 SF minimum site area in the Metrotown Plan.

5895 Barker Avenue

Yet another Metrotown highrise application!  The fourth highrise tower rezoning application for Metrotown is 5895 Barker Avenue by Concord Pacific. The 46,285 SF site is located at the southwest corner of Baker Avenue and Olive Avenue and is designated under the RM5s high density residential guidelines which allow up to a density of 5.00 FAR (in this case 4.99 FAR). The site is also occupied by an older 3-storey walkup apartment building. The tower will be in the range of 30-40 storeys. 

32-Storey Tower Proposed for Metrotown Site

Intracorp has submitted a rezoning application for a 32,438 SF site in Metrotown at 6438-6468 McKay and 6443-6467 Silver Avenue. The proposal is for a 32-storey residential tower under the RM4s designation provided in the Metrotown Downtown Plan. Details include:

  • 298-units;
  • 84 studios, 88 one-bedrooms, 94 two-bedrooms and 32 three-bedrooms;
  • a total density of 3.6 FAR;
  • a building height of 322 ft.;
  • 333 underground parking spaces.

The proposal also includes an expansion of Maywood Park to Maywood Street through a density transfer approach that involves Intracorp’s acquisition of the 27,442 SF park site at 4305-4325 Maywood Street).

Market Update: City of Burnaby Rezoning Applications

Below is an update on the current rezoning applications currently heading to council for first reading.

6004-6018 Wilson Avenue

This 45,666 SF site in Metrotown is comprised of three properties at 6004, 6006 and 6018 Wilson Avenue, owned by Solterra Development. The site is currently comprised of three older residential buildings that are being proposed for rezoning under the Metrotown Downtown Plan for a new 36-storey highrise development with townhouses fronting Wilson Avenue. The proposed density is likely to be 5.0 FAR.

6438-6468 Mackay Avenue & 6443-6467 Silver Avenue

Intracorp is proposing a single highrise residential tower on this assembly of six lots totaling 32,438 SF. The site is designated within the Metrotown Downtown Plan for RM-4S. With a density transfer from adjacent lots at Maywood Avenue, the net proposed density is 7.1 FAR. This will be Intracorp’s eighth residential property in Burnaby.


4125 Hastings Street

The plan for this 8-lot, 51,8794 SF assembly of land in the Hastings Heights village area of North Burnaby is for redevelopment including a new 5-storey residential building with 3-storey ground oriented townhouses fronting Albert Street.



5977 Wilson Avenue

Another rezoning application in Metrotown for a highrise tower, this one is on Wilson Avenue, between Kingsway and Central Boulevard. The site is 54,015 SF and is comprised of two older apartment buildings totaling 63 units. The application is from Blue Sky Properties. The plan is for a 42-storey highrise tower with 3-storey townhouses fronting Wilson Avenue. The designation is RM-5S which permits a maximum density of 5.0 FAR.

6909-6949 Balmoral Street

This is a 4-lot land assembly in the Edmonds Town Centre Area being proposed for twenty-three 3-storey townhouses above one-level of underground parking based on an RM-3 designation. The proposed FAR would be in the range of 1.2-1.5.



4612-4650 Dawson Street

The plan for this 75,838 SF site in Brentwood is a highrise tower with townhouses fronting Dawson Street, retail uses and below ground parking. The rezoning will be based on RM4s in the Brentwood Town Centre Plan.



2152 & 2172 Douglas Road

This site, owned by Imani Development, is also located in the Brentwood Town Centre Development Plan and is designated RM5s, which allows a density up to 5.0 FAR. The 65,078 SF site is currently occupied by two older industrial buildings. The plan calls for a 482-foot residential tower with townhouses fronting Douglas Road.


8725 University Crescent

Here’s a site in the SFU Neighbourhood that is seeking approval for two new residential towers and 3-storey townhouses by Liberty Homes. This is in Phase 3 of the Univercity project. The proposal includes two terraced residential towers: one 14-storey tower and one 20-storey tower.


A full rundown of the reports going to council can be downloaded here:–%20Compiled

452-Unit Project Planned for Metrotown Site

Thind Properties has applied to the City of Burnaby to rezone a 57,809 SF site at 6525-6585 Sussex Avenue for a new mixed use development including market residential, non-market rental and retail and office uses. The original rezoning application was made over a year ago, but the details have now been finalized and it is now ready to move forward to public hearing.

As detailed in the Burnaby Now, the project is a partnership between Thind, New Vista Housing Society and BC Housing. 

The existing site is located just a few steps East of Metrotown Skytrain Station on Beresford and is comprised of three lots improved with three older walkup apartment buildings totaling 64 units.

The plan calls for rezoning per the Metrotown Downtown Plan to RM5s, RM4 and C2 zoning districts. Details include:

  • a 48-storey tower including 10-storeys of office and 38-storeys of residential on the North portion of the site
  • 327 market residential units
  • 160 one-bedrooms units, 125 two-bedroom units and 41 three-bedroom units;
  • 4,700 SF of retail uses at grade;
  • 69,515 SF of office space;
  • a 14-storey tower with 125 non-market rental units on the South portion
  • A combined total density of 8.0 FAR;
  • Building heights of 520 ft. and 155 ft;
  • 544 underground parking stalls

Market Update: Burnaby Rezoning Applications

Here is a brief roundup of rezoning applications going before City of Burnaby council this week:

6837-6875 Royal Oak Avenue

6837-royal-oakThe plan for this 27,229 SF site in the Royal Oak area is for a 4-storey residential building with 54 units. The project will also have 8,106 SF of retail on the ground level and 106 underground parking stalls. The site is currently zoned M4light industrial and is occupied by older warehouse buildings. The project is being developed under the C9 Urban Village designation to a total density of 2.19 FAR.

6695 Dunblane Avenue & 4909-4971 Imperial Street

6695 Dunblane_1Transca Development initially submitted a rezoning application for this L-shaped site earlier this year, and the plan is now likely heading to public hearing. The proposal is a single 36-storey apartment tower with a 2-storey form fronting Nelson Avenue, a 3-storey residential form fronting Dunblane Avenue, and a 4-storey form fronting Imperial that includes 2-storey townhouses with double height amenity space above. There will be a total of 313 units, and a total density of 5.11 FAR per the RM-5s designation.

6921-6965 Arcola Street

6921-arcolaThis site is an assembly of six single family lots in the Edmonds area. The lots are currently zoned R5 but are being rezoned to RM3 based on the Edmonds Town Centre Plan. The proposal for the site is a 3-storey stacked townhouse development with underground parking. All the units are 3-bedrooms and range between 1,237 SF and 1,496 SF. The total density is 1.1 FAR.

Market Spotlight: Burnaby Rezoning Applications

A number of rezoning applications head to Burnaby City Council this week. Below is a brief summary of some of the larger projects planned.

4460-4482 Juneau Street

4460-juneauSolterra owns this three-lot assembly of older M1 zoned industrial buildings along Willingdon Avenue at Juneau Street in the Brentwood area. The plan for the site is a 25-storey tower with townhouses under the RM-4s designation. There is a 23-storey tower just across Juneau Street at second reading.

6525-6585 Sussex Avenue

6525-sussexThe plan for this 57,116 SF Metrotown site at Sussex and Beresford is for a mixed-use high-rise and low-rise market residential apartment building including retail and office uses. The project will also include a separate non-market housing building developed in conjunction with B.C. Housing. The proposed density is 5.0 FAR per the RM-5s and C2 guidelines. The site was acquired by Thind Properties in May 2016 for $32,680,000.

7422-7470 Buller Avenue

7422-bullerThis 132,000 SF site is currently occupied by a multi-tenant warehouse building and is located next to a section of former rail line in the Royal Oak area. The site is designated for medium-density residential development, and the application is for a mix of stacked-townhouses and traditional townhomes with full underground parking to a density of 1.1 FAR.

5180 Lougheed Highway

5180-lougheedAnother highrise condo tower is being planned for the Brentwood area; this one at the corner of Lougheed Highway and Springer Street. The 51,204 SF site is currently occupied by two older industrial buildings owned by Beedie Living. The plan calls for a 269,000 SF tower with 250 to 300 residential units. The concept includes “breaks” throughout the building to add visual interest to the massing and scale of the tower.

Market Spotlight: Burnaby Rezoning Activity

Here is an update to some of the rezoning applications that have been advanced to public hearing at Burnaby City council this week:

7201 11th Avenue (Southgate City –  Phase 2)

7201 11th AvenueThis proposal is the second phase of land to go through rezoning in Ledingham McAllister’s “Southgate City” master planned community in South Burnaby. The plan for this plot in the ‘Island Neighbourhood’ in the Southwest corner of the site includes:

  • a 28-storey tower and two 4-storey lowrise buildings
  • 321 units (213 in tower, 108 in lowrises)
  • 84 one-bedrooms, 225 two-bedrooms and 12 three-bedrooms
  • 354 underground parking spaces
  • 307,037 SF of gross floor area

6695 Dunblane Avenue & 4909-4971 Imperial Street

6695 Dunblane_1This “L” shaped property is owned by Transca Development, who acquired the assembly of four Metrotown lowrise apartments in February 2016 for $28,700,000 and submitted an initial rezoning inquiry at that time. The 56,239 SF site sits in a very active development zone, with The Park, Met 1 and Met 2 all nearby. Transca is now seeking approval to move to public hearing with a high-density residential project under the RM-5s designation including:

  • a 36-storey tower and 2-4 storey lowrise form
  • 313 units
  • total density of 5.11 FAR
  • 6,225 SF of live/work (commercial space) 0.11 FAR
  • 31 studios, 103 one-bedrooms, 112 two-bedrooms and 67 three-bedrooms
  • 387 underground parking spaces

6668-6730 Dunblane Avenue & 6661-6709 Marlborough Avenue

6668 DunblaneJust across Dunblane Avenue to Transca’s applicaiton, Polygon’s application on Dublane, originally introduced in November 2015, is now headed to public hearing. Details of the proposal for the 7-lot, 54,085 SF assembly of duplexes and apartment buildings includes:

  • a 38-storey tower with townhouses
  • 263 units (255 in tower and 8 townhouse units)
  • total density of 5.0 FAR
  • 1 studio, 220 two-bedrooms, 42 three-bedrooms