145-Units of Affordable Housing Coming to Main & 7th

Catalyst Community Developments Society has submitted their application to rezone 2221 Main Street, a prominent 34,885 SF site on the West side of Main Street between 6th and 7th. The site is currently zoned IC-2 but the Mount Pleasant Community Plan allows rezoning of sites along Main to higher density.

This is the first project built under the City’s Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency (VAHA), and was first announced at a press conference on the site last summer.

The proposal for this first affordable housing project under VAHA is a 9-storey mixed-use building that includes:

  • 145 affordable housing units;
  • 28 studios, 45 one-bedrooms, 42 two-bedrooms & 30 three-bedrooms
  • A total density of 3.30 FSR
  • 9,928 SF of ground floor retail space
  • A building height of 98 feet
  • 192 underground parking spaces on 4 levels;
  • 12,000 SF of public plaza area on the 7th Ave corner

2221 Main2221 Main_1 2221 Main_2 2221 Main_!The architect for the project is Rositch Hemphill Architects.

Cressey Unveils Plans for Rental Building at 2nd & Main

Cressey has filed a rezoning application for a site at the corner of Main and East 2nd Avenue in East Vancouver.  The 18,683 SF triangular site at 1800-1880 Main Street is currently zoned IC-2, but the Mount Pleasant Community Plan allows for residential rezoning. 

The plan is for a redevelopment of the site to allow an 11-storey mixed-use building that includes:

      • 131 rental units;
      • 34 studios, 51 one-bedrooms, 36 two-bedrooms and 10 three-bedrooms
      • Two commercial units at grade;
      • A total density of 5.02 FSR;
      • A height of 113.4 ft.; and
      • 88 parking spaces (including 6 car share spaces).

1880 Main_11880 Main_21880 Main_3The architect for the project is Francl Architecture.

Cressey acquired the site in 2016 for $17,000,000, or $181 per buildable SF based on the rezoned density.

Industrial/Office Building Proposed for Mount Pleasant

Conwest Developments has applied to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop on a 6,039 SF site at the Southwest corner of Quebec and East 4th Avenue in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver. Plans include a 3-storey mixed use building consisting of:

    • Manufacturing uses on the first floor and mezzanine above;
    • General Office uses on the second and third floors;
    • an underground garage providing 15 parking spaces;
    • total density of 2.92 FSR;
    • peak height of 61 ft.

The site is zoned I-1, a zoning which was changed in 2014 to allow greater density for office use.


The architect for the project is MGBA Architecture.

55,000 SF Office/Industrial Building Planned for Mount Pleasant

Champion Development Group Inc. has applied to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop a 18,128 SF site at 151 West 5th Avenue, on the NOrth side of West 5th between Columbia and Manitoba Streets. The plan is for  a new 4-storey mixed use building consisting of:

    • Manufacturing uses on the ground floor and mezzanines;
    • General Office uses on the 2nd through 4th floors;
    • 95 parking spaces in an underground parkade; and
    • total density of 3.00 FSR (54,291 sq. ft.).

Under the site’s existing I-1 zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Director of Planning.

The application describes the design concept:

“The design intent for the project is to create a high-quality, mixed-use development with offices, industrial uses, and collaboration spaces that will enhance the existing neighbourhood and its industrial zone. The overall form and character of the building is inspired from the industrial history of the area and is celebrated in a modernized building to service contemporary industries and office tenancies.

The building is designed with the ability to service small and large scale tenants and the spaces are planned for flexibility and various business types. Double height industrial space on the ground floor with mezzanine space will serve potential manufacturing, storage or production companies while the upper office floors will provide open spaces with access to the outdoors.”
151 West 5th 151 West 5th_1 151 West 5th_2 151 West 5th_3The architect for the project is DYS Architecture.

51-unit Condo Building Proposed for Main Street

Chard Development has submitted a rezoning application for a site it owns at Main & East 5th Avenue in Mount Pleasant.

The proposal for the 23,261 SF site is  to rezone from the current IC-2 zoning to CD-1 under the Mount Pleasant Community Plan. The proposal consists of a 6-storey mixed-use building over three levels of underground parking and includes:

  • A total of 51 market residential units
  • 20 One-bedrooms, 27 two-bedrooms & 4 three bedrooms
  • A floor area of 69,783 SF;
  • Commercial uses on ground floor including a restaurant
  • A total density of 3.0 FSR
  • A building height of 6-storeys and 78 ft.;
  • 68 commercial parking stalls and 54 residential parking stalls; and
  • 82 bicycle stalls.

2106 Mainb2106 Main_1 2106 Main

The architect for the proposed project is Proscenium Architecture Inc.

Chard has recently had success in the sales of their Ellsworth project just two blocks South at Main & 7th. The project’s 89 units are nearly sold out.

Cressey Acquires Main & 2nd Avenue Site in $17MM Deal

Cressey Development Group has acquired a 14,922 SF site at 1880 Main Street, at the Southeast corner of Main and 2nd, for $17,000,000. The triangular block, currently improved with lowrise retail buildings, is zoned IC-2. No development applications have yet been filed with the City of Vancouver.

1880 Main

50-Unit Building Planned for Mount Pleasant

Port Living is planning to replicate the success of their Midtown project with another project nearby. They have filed a development application for a C-2C zoned site at 630 East Broadway, near Carolina Street. The proposed plan, tentatively titled “Midtown 2”, includes:

  • a 4-storey building
  • 50 residential units (35 studios and 14 one-beds)
  • a density of 3.0 FSR
  • 2 ground floor retail units
  • 2 levels of underground parking

630 East BroadwayThe architect is Studio B Architects.