173 Townhouses Planned for Queensborough Site

Anthem Properties has submitted an application to allow the construction of a 173-unit townhouse development on a 7.91 acre site, known as “Mercer Landing” at 41 and 175 Duncan Street in the Queensborough area of New Westminster.

The site was previously rezoned in 2013 to allow 48 townhouses and 425 apartment units with a total density of 1.50 FSR. 

The current proposal includes:

  • 173 townhouses including 95 two-bedrooms and 78 four-bedroom units
  • 2 parking stalls per unit and 37 visitor stalls
  • a total density of 0.72 FSR
  • 5,575 square foot site for use as a child care w/ a two storey 2,600 SF building

41 Duncan_141 Duncan_2 41 Duncan_3 41 DuncanThe site would be remediated and the perimeter dyke would be upgraded to current
standards. The City’s perimeter walkway would be extended and dedicated to the City. The foreshore area will see a demolition of existing structures and, a rehabilitation of the shoreline.

The application requires two amendments to the Official Community Plan to allow residential development in an area currently designated as (ME) Mixed Employment. A change to Parks/Community Facilities is also required to allow the child care in am location currently designated for a residential use.

Anthem acquired the site in November 2016 for $26,800,000, which equates to $108 per buildable based on the current application ($66 per buildable based on the higher density previously approved.

The architect for the project is Ekistics Architecture.

Sapperton Green Project Moves Closer to Reality

The preliminary master plan concept for the 38.5 acre Sapperton Green site has now been approved by the City of New Westminster, allowing the project to move forward to public consultation and eventual rezoning.

Plans to rezone and redevelop the current industrial property first came forward several years ago, with an application by Quadreal for OCP amendment approved in November 2015.

The site sits on the Eastern edge of New Westminster and is adjacent to Braid Skytrain Station. The site is currently improved with older industrial buildings currently used by Amazon.

Details of the proposed development within the preliminary master plan include:

  • 13 to 14 residential towers with midrises and townhouses
  • Approx. 3,700 units (half condo / half rental)
  • 3,400,000 SF of residential space
  • 800,000 to 1,150,000 SF of office space (mostly along Braid near the station)
  • 150,000 SF of retail space
  • 35,000 SF community centre facility
  • a central greenway running through the site in addition to a road network
  • park dedication equal to approx. 12% of the gross site area
  • a CAC to be determined

Sapperton GreenSapperton Green_5 Sapperton Green_2 Sapperton Green_1 Sapperton Green_4 Sapperton Green_3The first phase of the project would occur on the South and East portions of the site, the subsequent three phases would require demolition of the existing Amazon building.

It is anticipated that the rezoning application would be sent to public hearing in the Spring of 2018.

33-Storey Tower Proposed for Downtown New West Site

Rezoning and Special Development Permit applications have been submitted to the City of New Westminster for a new development at 618 Carnarvon Street, a 39,747 SF site that includes  the consolidation of a six properties with frontages along Carnarvon, Sixth and Clarkson Street.
The existing zoning for the site at 618 Carnarvon Street is C-4 and it is currently improved with lowrise commercial buildings.
The planned project includes a 33-storey condo tower, including:
  • 253 units;
  • 28 studios, 69 one-bedrooms, 126 two-bedrooms & 39 three-bedrooms;
  • a total building height of 350 ft.;
  • a total density of 6.20 FSR;
  • retail uses fronting Sixth Street;
  • 325 underground parking spaces.
  • A ‘pocket park’ fronting onto Sixth and Carnarvon.
  • A CAC of $2,900,000

618 Carnarvon618 Carnarvon_1618 Carnarvon_2The site is designated Mixed Use High Density Designation within the Downtown Community Plan. The site is also located within the Tower Precinct in the Downtown Community Plan.

The architect for the project is GBL Architects.

Details Emerge for Bosa’s New Westminster Waterfront Project

Bosa Development has submitted a formal development permit application for their ambitious New Westminster waterfront project, originally announced last year.

The site at 660 Quayside Drive, currently a surface parking lot, was previously owned by Larco and had been envisioned for redevelopment as far back as 1996 with as many as five towers originally proposed with approximately 1,000 units and above-ground parking.

A revised rezoning proposal for three towers including a hotel was put forward in 2014 before the site was ultimately sold to Bosa Development in August 2016 for $63,000,000 ($79 per buildable SF).

The current proposal is now for a two-tower scheme that includes:

  • two residential towers: 53-storeys (phase 1) & 43-storeys (phase 2)
  • building heights of 584 ft & 472 ft.
  • 665 units
  • 156 one-bedrooms, 441 two-bedrooms & 68 three-bedrooms
  • a total density of 4.52 FSR
  • a 3-storey commercial building with retail at grade and childcare above
  • 40 space childcare facility
  • 2 acre of new public park including extension of Westminster Pier Park
  • 929 parking stalls on 3 levels of underground parking

660 Quayside_9 660 Quayside_6660 Quayside_3 660 Quayside 660 Quayside_1 660 Quayside_4 660 Quayside_5 660 Quayside_7 660 Quayside_8The application describes the overview of the project:

“The proposed project will be a major and positive contribution to the downtown waterfront and the City of New Westminster. The development combines two residential towers, retail space, daycare, public park, underground parking and riverfront esplanade to create a dynamic mixed use project. The site is an important gateway to the waterfront and a key component in the City’s Waterfront vision for a continuous waterfront experience, improved neighbourhood connections and year-round public spaces.”

Next Phase of Port Royal Project Proceeding

The next phase of Aragon Properties‘ Port Royal project is proceeding to final City of New Westminster Council consideration for development permit approval. The site at 300 Salter Street in the Queensborough area is part of the larger Port Royal development (Phase 6C) that was rezoned a few years ago.

The proposal for the site is for a 4-storey rental apartment building that includes:

  • 87 rental units
  • 28 one-bedrooms, 41 two-bedrooms, 18 three-bedrooms
  • 136 parking spaces
  • a 1,460 SF amenity space
  • a total density of 1.49 FSR

300 Salter300 Salter_1300 Salter_3The architect for the project is Ramsay Worden.

78-Unit Project Planned for Queensborough

An application has been submitted to the City of New Westminster to amend the Official Community Plan and rezone a site at 1102-1122 Salter Street in Queensborough. The area is currently zoned and primarily developed for single family use, and this lot could be built under existing zoning for 30 houses, or rezoned under the OCP for 50 houses.

The OCP amendment is being sought to allow the development of 78 units on this 5.1 acre site, including:

  • nine duplex dwellings (18 units)
  • 14 row houses
  • 10 compact lot houses (3,600-3,800 SF lot)
  • 36 townhouses
  • total density of 0.85 FSR
  • secondary suites not allowed
  • land dedication on the foreshore for extension of Queensbourough Permiter Trail

1102 Salter1102 Salter_2 1102 Salter_3The architect for the project is Bernard Decosse.

245-Unit Project Proposed for Downtown New Westminster

Domus Homes has submitted a rezoning application to the City of New Westminster for a 26,104 SF site at 813-823 Carnarvon in Downtown New Westminster, directly across the street from the 3-tower “Plaza 88” development. The plan is for a mixed-use project that includes a market condo tower, a non-market rental lowrise, and commercial uses. Details include:

  • a 29-storey tower
  • a 6-storey lowrise
  • 195 market condos
  • 119 one-bedrooms, 54 two-bedroms and 22 three-bedrooms
  • 50 non-market rental units for Performing Arts Lodges (PAL)
  • a total density of 7.75 FSR
  • total building height of 290 feet

813 Carnarvon813 Carnarvon_1 813 Carnarvon_2The architect for the project is GBL Architects.