Fourth Tower at City of Lougheed to Include 237 Rental Units

Shape Properties has filed a rezoning application for their fourth and final tower of Phase 1 of The City of Lougheed, a massive 40-acre, 23-tower master planned site of the current/former Lougheed Mall. Phase 1 is the Southeast corner of the site, fronting North Road and Austin Road, and the first tower has sold out.

Overall City of Lougheed Site & Phase 1 Location

Tower 4 will be the shortest of the first four towers, and is located on the Northeast portion of the Phase 1 lands, which are now moving through site preparation. Details for this part of Phase 1 include:

  • a 30-storey tower
  • 237 rental apartment units
  • 23 studios, 104 one-bedrooms, 110 two-bedrooms
  • 2,777 SF of retail space at grade
  • 114 parking spaces

Interestingly, the developer plans to stratify the units, but keep them as rental with a covenant protecting them as rental for a minimum 5 years.

Phase 1 Detail

87-Unit Rental Building Planned for Central Lonsdale Site

Maclean Homes has submitted an application to rezone an existing apartment property in the Central Lonsdale area of North Vancouver at the corner of Chesterfield and West 18th Street. 1730 Chesterfield is an older 3-storey 43-unit walkup apartment building on a 27,850 SF lot.

The proposal plans to rezone the Property from RM-1 to allow a new, larger 6-storey rental apartment building. The OCP allows a based density of 1.60 FSR and a bonus of 1.0 FSR and up to 6-storeys in height. Details include:

  • 87 rental apartment units;
  • 6 studios, 53 one-bedrooms, 18 two-bedrooms and 10 three-bedrooms;
  • a total density of 2.54 FSR;
  • a total building height of 54 ft.;
  • 56 parking stalls on one level of underground parking accessed from the lane;
  • a bonus density contribution of $2,885,190.

The architect for the project is Garcia Zunino Architects.

City of Vancouver to Abandon CAC Negotiations on Commercial and Low-Density Rental Rezonings

Somewhat hidden behind the news of the Housing Vancouver Strategy announcement, is a new policy proposal for CACs for commercial and rental-only residential developments. The overall plan proposed in the policy report entitled “CAC Policy Update: Simplifying CACs on New Rental Housing and Commercial Development” is to cease negotiating CACs on commercial rezonings and some rental rezonings.

The City’s proposal is intended to “simplify the City’s development contribution system which includes DCLs, CACs, density bonusing and other mechanisms. The proposed changes will provide greater clarity and certainty on development contributions for rezoning applicants. The recommended changes will streamline the CAC process for both secured market rental and commercial-only rezoning applications to enable a majority of these project types to be brought to market sooner.”

The recommendations in the proposed policy include the following:

Recommendation A – Exempt routine, lower density secured market rental rezoning applications from CACs

The City would exempt rental applications from CAC negotiations where the density proposed is low, or consistent with area zoning. The table below shows where CACs would be exempt for rental based on height guidelines:

Recommendation B – Remove CAC negotiation on commercial-only rezoning 

The City intends on removing the CAC negotiation process (which can prolong the application timeline significantly) for commercial applications in the Downtown, Metro Core, Grandview Employment Area and South Vancouver Industrial Lands. This would not apply for proposed stratified commercial space.

The City will also introduce commercial linkage targets, which are intended to show the correlation between additional commercial space and workforce related childcare spaces and affordable housing. The commecial linkage targets will be fixed $/SF amounts calculated on the net additional density for commercial rezonings in the Downtown and Metro Core areas. 

The interim Commercial Linkage Targets will be as follows:As industry consultation has already occurred for these items, they could take effect almost immediately after Council adoption.

A full copy of the policy report can be viewed here:

21-Unit Rental Building Planned for Main & 28th Corner

M28 Holdings Ltd. has submitted a development application for a 75′ x 112′ site at the Southeast corner of 28th and Main for a new rental apartment building. The C-2 zoned site is currently occupied by single storey retail including Le Gent Antiques on the corner.

The new development will be 4-storeys and will include:

  • retail and restaurant uses on the ground floor;
  • 21 rental market rental units;
  • a total density of 2.5 FSR;
  • a building height of 45 feet;
  • two levels of underground parking accessed from the lane.

Under the site’s existing C-2 zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Director of Planning.

The site sold in December 2016 for $6,980,000, or $341 per buildable SF based on the application.

237-Unit Project Planned for Uptown Area of New Westminster

Orr Development has submitted their rezoning and development permit applications for a 34,801 SF site at the corner of Sixth Street and Seventh Avenue in the Uptown neighbourhood of New Westminster. The site is currently improved with older two-storey commercial buildings. 

The proposal for 616-640 Sixth Street is for a 30-storey mixed use development that includes:

  • 169 market residential strata units (on levels 8-30)
  • 68 secured market rental housing units (on levels 2-7)
  • 14,439 SF of retail at grade;
  • a total density of 6.03 FSR;
  • a total building height of 305 ft.
  • 299 underground parking spaces;
  • common outdoor amenity area located on the forth level on top of the podium roof.

616 Sixth616 Sixth_1616 Sixth_2The site is designated as (UC) Uptown Commercial in the current Official Community Plan. The Rezoning application entails changing the zoning of the property from Community Commercial Districts (High Rise) (C-3) to a new Comprehensive Development District (CD). The Development Permit application is to facilitate the review of the form and character of the proposal in accordance with Official Community Plan Development Permit Area Guidelines.

The architect for the project is Yamamoto Architecture.

42-Unit Rental Building Planned for East Hastings Corner Site

Mosaic Homes has submitted an application to rezone a site at East Hastings and Lakewood in the Grandview Woodland area. The 11,098 SF site at 2109 East Hastings (known to most by it’s long term tenant – Dairy Queen) is currently zoned C-2C1, and the proposed rezoning is for a development of a 6-storey mixed-use building with commercial uses at grade.

The proposal includes:

  • 42 secured market rental residential units;
  • 12 studios, 14 one-bedrooms, 14 two-bedrooms and 2 three-bedrooms;
  • 4,700 SF of ground-floor retail;
  • A total floor area of 35,512 SF;
  • A total density of 3.20 FSR;
  • A height of approximately 73 ft.; and
  • 45 underground parking spaces.

2109 East Hastings 2109 East Hastings_1 2109 East Hastings_2

This application is being considered under the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan.

Mosaic acquired the site in 2016 for $5,450,000, or $153 per buildable SF.

The architect for the project is Yamamoto Architecture.

15 Rental Townhouse Units Proposed for Kitsilano Site

A rezoning application has been submitted for a former church site in Kitsilano, at 2715 West 12th Avenue (along the Kitsilano diversion curve).

The proposal calls to rezone the 8,570 SF site from RS-7 (One-Family Dwelling) District to CD-1 to permit a 3.5-storey townhouse development under Affordable Housing Choices Interim Rezoning Policy. The policy allows for rental housing on arterial streets up to 3.5 storeys. While the policy has been tested in other areas of the City, this is one of the first such proposal on the Westside.

The proposal includes:

    • 15 secured market rental residential units;
    • A floor area of 14,056 SF;
    • A total density of 1.50 FSR;
    • A height of approximately 37.5 ft.;
    • 2 car share vehicle parking spaces; and
    • 19 Class A bicycle parking spaces.

2715 West 12th Ave 2715 West 12th Ave_1

The site was listed for sale in 2016 for $3,389,000, and sold for $3,250,000, or $231 per buildable SF based on the rezoning application.

The architect for the project is MCMP Architects.