First Tower Planned for Maillardville Neighbourhood of Coquitlam

Newgen Group has submitted a rezoning application for a one acre site at the intersection of Blue Mountain Street and Lougheed Highway in the Maillardville area of Coquitlam. The plan calls for what would become the first highrise in the area.

Details of the proposed project, titled ‘Mont Bleu’, include:

  •  A 21-storey tower;
  • 155 units (including 8 townhouses);
  • 32 studios, 58 one-bedrooms, 48 two-bedrooms; 17 three-bedrooms;
  • four (4) retail CRU units and office space on the second level of the podium; 
  • a total density of 3.5 FAR
  • 239 underground parking spaces are proposed.

218 Blue Mountain218 Blue Mountain_2 218 Blue Mountain_3 218 Blue Mountain_1

218 Blue Mountain_4The proposed development generally complies with the applicable provisions of the C-5 Community Commercial Zone and is consistent with the Neighbourhood Centre designation in the Maillardville Neighbourhood Plan (MNP).

The architect for the project is DA Architects & Planners.

145,000 SF Office Building Proposed for False Creek Flats Site

Porte Communities and Reliance Properties have applied to rezone a 48,072 SF site in the False Creek Flats area for a new office building.

The plan for the site at 339 East 1st Avenue, adjacent the Red Truck Brewery, is to rezone from the current I-3 zoning to allow development of a 6-storey office building. The proposal includes:

  • general office space on floors 2-6;
  • ground floor retail;
  • a total floor area of 144,216 SF;
  • a total density of 3.0 FSR;
  • a building height of 100 ft; and
  • two levels of underground parking accessed from E 1st Avenue, with 275 vehicle parking spaces, 46 bicycle parking stalls and six loading spaces.

339 East 1st Ave339 East 1st Ave_3 339 East 1st Ave_4 339 East 1st Ave_1 339 East 1st Ave_2339 East 1st Ave_5

The I3 zoning schedule permits the density and built form being proposed, but restricts uses, so the rezoning is required to allow general office use.

The rezoning application describes the design rationale: “On the roof tops are amenity spaces to provide the building occupants with an easily accessible green space. This is in addition to the landscaped areas fronting Brewery Creek. The building facade colour is meant to invoke both typical rail engine colour schemes as well as colours of autumn. Distributions in glazing on the facade are meant to create a horizontal movement along the building exterior as well as solar heat gain control due to its 50:50 ratio. On the South and West elevations of the building, there are also diagonal solar shading devices which serve not only for sun control but as distinctive design elements.”

The architect for the project is IBI Group.

The full rezoning application can be viewed here: 

Apartment Building Planned on Small East Van Lot

Rejoyce Investment Corp. has submitted a rezoning application to rezone a single 38 x 112 ft. commercial lot at 4459 Rupert Street, between East 28th and East 29th Avenue. The building is to be called “The Monad on Rupert Street”, modeled after a similar 5-unit building constructed in Kits in 2010

The existing zoning of the 4,270 SF site is C-1 (Commercial), and the plan is to redevelop  site with  a 4-storey mixed-use building. This is a concurrent rezoning and development permit application.

The proposal includes:

    • 14 rental apartment units;
    • Four studios, 5 one-bedrooms & 5 two-bedrooms;
    • 2,424 SF of retail space;
    • A total density of 2.40 FSR;
    • A building height of 49 ft.; and
    • 9 parking spaces and 30 bicycle parking spaces.

4459 Rupert 4459 Rupert_2 4459 Rupert_12nd Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

This application is being considered under the Secured Market Rental Housing (Rental 100) Policy.

The architect for the project is Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture (LWPAC).

Rezoning Application Submitted for Brickhouse Chinatown Site

The much anticipated rezoning application has been formally submitted to the City of Vancouver for the Brickhouse site at the corner of Main and Union on the Southern edge of Chinatown. The rezoning had been displayed in late last year and into this year at public open houses.  

The plan for the site at 728-796 Main Street is to rezone from the existing HA-1A District to a CD-1 to allow for a 15-storey mixed-use development that includes:

  • commercial space on the ground level and mezzanine;
  • 19 social housing units, located on mezzanine and second levels, to replace existing Single Room Accommodation (SRA) units on site (social housing to be owned by the City);
  • a building height of 150 ft.;
  • a density of 8.12 FSR;
  • 99 market residential units from levels 3 to 15; and
  • four levels of underground parking

728 Main (1)728 Main (2) 728 Main (3) 728 Main (4) The application is made under the Rezoning Policy for Chinatown South (HA-1A).

The architect for the project is Studio One Architecture.

10-Storey Building Planned for Broadway near Commercial

A second major rezoning application has been submitted in Grandview-Woodland, just weeks after 149 units were announced earlier this month at Victoria & 11th.

Jameson Development Corp. has submitted an application to rezone a 15,738 SF site on the North side of Broadway just West of commercial at 1619-1651 East Broadway. The rezoning will be from the existing RM-4N zone to CD-1 to permit the development of a 10-storey mixed-use building.

The proposal includes:

    • 93 total units (47 market rental units and 46 market strata units);
    • 5,245 SF of ground floor retail space;
    • A total density of 4.00 FSR;
    • A height of approximately 32.3 m (105.8 ft.);
    • 75 underground parking spaces; and
    • 117 bicycle parking spaces.

1619 East Broadway_3 1619 East Broadway_2 1619 East Broadway_1 1619 East BroadwayThis application is being considered under the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan. The rezoning policy allows for ‘mixed-tenure’ whereby 50% strata is allowed if the other 50% of the units are secured rental.

The architect for the project is IBI Group.

Two Tower Residential/Hotel Project Planned for Richmond

GBL Architects has applied to the City of Richmond for permission to rezone a 1.20 acre site at 8091 Capstan Way, from “Auto-Oriented Commercial (CA)” to “Residential/Limited Commercial (RCL5)”, to permit the construction of a two-tower, high-density, mixed use development in the City Centre’s Capstan Village area.

The site sits directly across the street to the South of the Wall Centre Richmond complex.

The proposed development includes:

  • 136 residential units
  • 59 one-bedrooms, 77 two & three bedrooms
  • 75 hotel rooms
  • 9,688 SF of ground floor retail
  • a total density of 3.65 FAR
  • a cash contribution of $1,141,402 and public dedication
  • 193 underground parking spaces

8091 Capstan8091 Capstan_1

Fourth Amazing Brentwood Tower to Include 506 Units

Shape Properties has submitted their rezoning application for Tower 5 of the Amazing Brentwood project. The tower is actually the fourth to be rezoned, with the first three towers now sold out and under construction.

This tower will be located at the Northeast corner of Willingdon Avenue and Halifax Street. Details include:

  • A 51-storey tower located above a 2-storey commercial podium
  • 506 condo units
  • 287 one-bedrooms, 190 two-bedrooms, 27 three-bedrooms & 2 four-bedrooms
  • 11.21 FAR (on net site)
  • 37,542 SF of commercial space
  • 673 parking stalls

Amazing Brentwood_1Once this phase is complete, the four towers will represent almost 2,000 units.