Grosvenor Planning Downtown South Tower

Grosvenor has submitted a much anticipated rezoning application for a prominent “Grosvenor Pacific” site at the Northeast corner Hornby and Pacific; formerly the location of Umberto’s Il Giardino. Grosvenor had acquired the site in 2014 for $33.6MM along with the lot at Pacific & Howe.

1382 Hornby

The plan for the 15,000 SF site at 1380-1382 Hornby Street is for a 39-storey residential building and includes:

      • 212 units
      • a total density of 16.25 FSR
      • a building height of 375 feet
      • 238 underground parking spaces, and
      • restoration and relocation of Leslie House, the existing Heritage ‘A’ building that is located on the site (to be relocated to Pacific St on the lane).

Council direction on Potential “Benefit Capacity” in Downtown allows consideration of a rezoning application for this site.

The project, which is being designed by ACDF Architecure in conjunction with IBI Group, describes some of the design elements of the tower, including:

  • brushed stainless steel on the facade
  • metallic soffit
  • white stone cladding
  • tinted glass & glass spandrel

1382 Hornby_51382 Hornby_3 1382 Hornby_4The project joins other higher end condo towers at various stages of development, including Vancouver House, which is now under construction, and Reliance’s Burrard Place, the first phase of which is soon to begin construction.

Details Emerge for Onni’s Pearson Dogwood Project

Details have emerged regarding the rezoning of the Pearson Dogwood site at 500-650 West 57th Avenue, as the full rezoning application has now been released. Onni‘s proposed plan for the 25-acre site at Cambie and 57th is for a large-scale mixed-use development that will include:

    • a total density of 2.8 FSR
    • 3,097,262 SF of building area
    • 2,170 total units
    • 5 phases
    • residential use consisting of: market units, rental units and affordable units
    • building heights between 3 and 28-storeys
    • replacement housing for George Pearson Centre
    • a replacement facility for the Dogwood Lodge
    • retail and commercial space
    • a community health centre
    • a YMCA facility with a 25-metre pool and a therapeutic pool
    • a 69 space child care facility
    • a 2.5 acre City park
    • an urban farm
    • a potential future transit station


The application describes the rezoning rationale: “The proposed site master plan embodies the principles of Complete Community planning, intertwining health, recreation, retail, and employment uses with housing diversity and affordability.

At the heart of the development is an extensive park and open space system, which includes: a new 2.5 acre City Park (to be designed later through a City-led process); a 1 acre urban farm; the large Pearson Plaza; the High Street Commons, a north-south open space that ties the Pearson Dogwood site to Langara Gardens to the north; and the Cambie Walk retail plaza, which extends from the central open space area to the proposed transit station at 57th Avenue and Cambie Street.
In addition, the open space network is complemented by diagonal pathways through the development blocks in all four corners of the site, providing excellent porosity and movement to and from the proposed transit station to the northeast, the Cambie Corridor, and schools and recreation facilities to the west.
Housing affordability and diversity will be a hallmark of the Pearson project, integrating a variety of people with differing incomes and abilities throughout the site. Affordable and accessible housing units will be included in multiple buildings across the site, with almost half of the replacement units for Pearson residents included in phase 1. In addition, a new 144- bed Complex Residential Care facility will be developed for residents with significant health care needs.
In addition to affordable housing, market housing will include a significant number of larger units (2 and 3 bedrooms), appropriate for families with children. Opportunities for improving affordability of market units will be explored, which may include providing units with modest finishes.”
Pearson_5 Pearson_6The master architect for the project is IBI Group.

Affordable Rental Apartments Proposed for Mount Pleasant

The Red Door Housing Society has applied to the City of Vancouver to rezone a 16,884 SF site at 870 East 8th Avenue from RM-4 to CD-1 to allow the replacement of an existing affordable rental housing project with a larger affordable rental building. The proposal includes:

    • a 7-storey apartment building;
    • 51 rental units
    • underground parking accessed off the lane;
    • a building height of 65.2 ft; and
    • a density of 2.86 FSR
870 E 8th_1

Current Improvements

870 E 8th


The application is being considered under the Mount Pleasant Community Plan.

The architect for the project is DYS Architecture.

District of North Van Updates CAC Policy

The District of North Vancouver will review a report at council next week that seeks to update the District’s Community Amenity Policy, which has not been reviewed since 2010. The update was required due to increased development pressures and was brought forward partially at the encouragement of the development community. Coriolis Consulting assisted with the review of existing policy.

Here is an excerpt regarding the existing policy:


The District of North Vancouver’s existing CAC policy includes two different approaches to
determine the appropriate value of a CAC, depending on the location of the rezoning:

  • In the designated Town and Village Centres (growth centres), the value of the CAC is
    determined through a negotiated approach, equivalent to 75% of the estimated increase in the market value of the property due to the rezoning. The reference to 75% of the increase in property value is to ensure that the CAC does not exceed the
    amount that is financially viable for the development project.
  • Outside the Centres, the CAC value is based on a target fixed rate per square foot of additional residential floorspace approved by the rezoning. Outside of centres, the CAC can be negotiated if the developer thinks the fixed rate is not appropriate or the rezoning exceeds the density identified in the OCP.

Below is an excerpt outlining the recommended changes to be implemented going forward:

“Recommended CAC Approach Outside Centres:

Staffs recommended approach to CACs outside of the Centres is:

1. Establish three separate fixed rate CAC categories outside the Centres with fixed rate
targets as follows:

(a) $6 per square foot (current rate $5) of increased permitted residential gross floor  area for any project with an FSR less than or equal to 0.8 FSR;
(b) $13 per square foot (current rate $5) of increased permitted residential gross floor area for any project with an FSR greater than 0.8 but less than or equal to 1.0 FSR
(c) $20 per square foot (current rate $15) of increased permitted residential gross floor area for any project with an FSR greater than 1.0

2. Negotiate the CAC for the rezoning of any properties that are currently improved with rental housing to take into account the specific details of any rental replacement requirement. The target for negotiations should be at most 75% of the increased value due to the rezoning .

3. Continue to allow negotiated CACs in the specific circumstances currently identified in the District’s policy, but change the target negotiated CAC to be a maximum of 75% of the increased value due to the rezoning, rather than “50% to 75%” of the increased value due to the rezoning as currently written.

Recommended CAC Approach Inside Centres:

Staff’s recommended approach to CACs in the Centres is:

1. Negotiate CACs for major, complex rezonings where it is difficult to determine an appropriate CAC rate in advance of a development application, including:

  • Large sites that have significant land dedications and on-site infrastructure requirements.
  • Sites which include existing rental housing that the District would like to see replaced as part of any redevelopment.
  • Higher density mixed-use sites, such sites in the CRMU 2 and CRMU 3 OCP designations (i.e., mixed-use projects over 1.75 FSR).
  • Highrise residential projects (over 6-storeys in the RES Level 6 designation).
  • Sites identified for a significant on-site amenity.
  • Sites currently zoned for industrial use.
  • Applications that require an OCP amendment.

The target for negotiations should be a maximum of 75% of the increased property value due to the rezoning.

2. Establish new fixed rate area inside the five Centres with a fixed rate target of $20 per square foot (presently negotiated) of additional permitted residential floorspace. The fixed rate areas for inside centres may be found in Schedule 2 of the Draft CAC Policy attached to this report.”


4-level Townhouse Project Proposed Near Oakridge

Next Pacific has applied to rezone an 11,128 SF, two lot assembly site at 151-157 West 41st Avenue from RS-1  to CD-1 to allow a townhouse development that includes:

    • a 4-storey building on West 41st Avenue;
    • a 2.5-storey building on Woodstock Avenue;
    • 15 residential units between 833 SF – 1,847 SF
    • a total density of 1.9 FSR; and
    • 19 underground parking spaces and 25 bicycle spaces.

The application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan and Riley Park/South Cambie Community Vision. The architect for the project is DYS Architecture.

151 West 41st 151 West 41st_1

Rezoning Planned for Super-8 Hotel Site

After an initial inquiry earlier this year, a formal rezoning application has now been submitted for the 1.8 acre Super-8 Motel site at the corner of Fraser and SE Marine Drive in East Vancouver (formerly known as the Blue Boy Motor Hotel).

The proposed plan for 725-747 Southeast Marine Drive, owned by Serracan Properties, is to rezone the existing CD-1 zoning to a revised CD-1 to permit a mixed-use development with commercial, residential, and community uses, including public open space. The proposal includes:

  • four buildings, including:
    • one 22-storey building;
    • one 12-storey building; and
    • two 5-storey buildings
  • approximately 368 residential units;
  • 15,500 SF of retail space at grade;
  • a 37-space childcare facility (4,760 SF);
  • public open space on site;
  • a total density of 3.98 FSR;
  • maximum building heights from 59 ft. to 207 ft; and
  • 377 vehicle parking spaces.

The application is being considered under the Sunset Community Vision. Serracan and the City of Vancouver held numerous open houses and public feedback sessions with the local community as part of an exhaustive preliminary planning and pre-application process.

725 SE Marine Dr_3 725 SE Marine Dr_4 725 SE Marine Dr_5 725 SE Marine Dr_6

Rezoning Proposed for West Georgia “Flatiron” Site

A rezoning inquiry goes before City of Vancouver council next week for a site located at 1445-1455 West Georgia Street. The two-lot assembly is owned by Brilliant Circle Group, who acquired the two buildings in 2012/2013. The City’s policy report describes the 18,200 SF site as “unique and prominent due to its triangular shape and its location at the intersection of West Georgia, West Pender and Nicola Streets“.

It was reported in a Globe and Mail article earlier this year that the architect for the project is James Cheng.

The rezoning inquiry anticipates demolition and redevelopment of the two existing lowrise office buildings currently on the property into one landmark residential tower on what is arguably Vancouver’s most prominent ‘flatiron’ sites. The site is currently zoned DD and while not located in the West End Plan like some of the recent nearby proposals by Westbank and Bosa, City staff do appear to support a rezoning in principal. The height can only be considered because it falls under the Granville Bridge view cone limit, which is 515 ft; in addition, the site’s location on Georgia, a main arterial, also qualifies. Preliminary details include:

  • a 44-storey residential tower
  • a building height of 515 ft.
  • 250,000 SF of residential density (13.7 FSR)

If Council gives its approval to move forward with a rezoning application, more design details will likely emerge next year.

1445 W Georgia 1445 W Georgia_2

Proposed Tower Height

Proposed Tower Height