Oakridge United Church Site Slated for Redevelopment

Townline Homes has filed an application to rezone the Oakridge United Church property located at 305 West 41st Avenue from RS-1 to CD-1. The preliminary plan for the 18,960 SF site two blocks East of Cambie is for a new 6-storey residential building that includes new church space for Oakridge United:

    • 58 residential units;
    • a replacement church space;
    • a building height of 68 ft. ;
    • a density of 3.33 FSR (0.32 FSR for church, 3.21 for residential)
    • 74 underground parking spaces and 73 bicycle parking spaces.

This application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan. The architect for the project is Patrick Cotter of ZGF Cotter Architects Inc.

305 West 41st Ave 305 West 41st_1 305 West 41st_2

Redevelopment of Mt. Pleasant Dealership Includes Apartments

A rezoning application has been filed for a 46,563 SF site at 445 Kingsway in the Mount Pleasant area which would allow rezoning from the existing C-2 zoning to allow a 6-storey mixed-use building that includes:

    • 109 secured market rental apartment units;
    • Commercial use (car dealership) at grade;
    • A density of 3.69 FSR;
    • A building height of 75.5 ft.; and
    • 90 residential parking stalls, 209 dealership parking stalls, 4 loading spaces and 156 bike parking spaces.

The application is being considered under the Secured Market Rental Housing (Rental 100) Program.

The site is currently improved with Desination Hyundai, a single-storey auto dealership. The renderings appear to show that Destination Honda will be the new tenant. The architect for this proposal is FNDA Architecture.

445 Kingsway445 Kingsway_3 445 Kingsway_1

Latest Cambie Corridor Proposal Features 56-Units

Mosaic Homes has applied to rezone a 34,720 SF site at the corner of West King Edward and Yukon Street; one block East of Cambie. The plan for 288-388 West King Edward calls for two 4-storey residential buildings with 2-storey townhouses and an amenity building at the lane. The proposal includes:

  • 56 residential units;
  • a building height of 50 ft.;
  • a density of 1.76 FSR; and
  • 74 underground parking spaces and 76 bicycle parking spaces.

This rezoning application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan, and the architect is Shift Architecture.

288 W King Ed 288 W King Ed_1 288 W King Ed_2

Westbank Unveils Plans for 1550 Alberni Site

After recent media coverage and speculation regarding Westbank’s new Coal Harbour project at 1550 Alberni, a formal rezoning applicaiton has now been filed with the City, providing some more details on the project. The 20,698 SF site, currently zoned DD and improved with a lowrise office building, is being redeveloped with a 43-storey condo building with commercial uses at street level, including:

    • a building height of 436 ft.;
    • a total of 188 residential units;
    • a density of 14.0 FSR;
    • 272,262 SF;
    • 271 underground parking spaces on six levels

The application is being considered under the Rezoning Policy for the West End and the  West End Community Plan. The site is located at Cardero and Alberni.

1550 Alberni_3

The unique design is a partnership between Japanese architect Kengo Kuma for the design and Associates, and local architects James Cheng and Merrick Architecture for the rezoning.

1550 Alberni_4The rezoning package describes the design:

“The design of 1550 Alberni Street is shaped by its environment. The 42-storey tower is carved by two emphatic scoops that form deep balconies furnished in wood. In both instances, the carvings create semi-enclosures that strengthen their relations to the street and to the views – to its urban and geographic context.


Because of the way the otherwise orthogonal tower is carved, its silhouette constantly changes, creating illusionary profiles of arching cantilevers. The reality is far more structured as the carved deductions are diagonally symmetrical, the lower portion helping to counterbalance the hanging volume above.


The tower meets the ground with two intersecting domes that embrace Alberni and Cardero Street. Under the arching structures, an extensive moss garden defines the entrance and flows to the swimming pool above. In keeping with Japanese spatial traditions, the emphasis is on the atmosphere rather than the object: without drawing attention to a particular point laden with meaning, the void elicits a serene visceral
experience that could be shared by all.”


1550 Alberni_1 1550 Alberni 1550 Alberni_2

Four More Towers Coming to Brentwood

Four more towers are being proposed for the Brentwood Town Centre area of Burnaby in two separate rezoning applications that went to Burnaby City Council this week for first reading. They are:

2242 Alpha Avenue

2242 AlphaThis project is being built by Monark Group, who bought the site in February 2015 for $6,750,000. The plan for the 41,574 SF, M2 zoned site is for a high-rise residential tower atop a 4-storey above-grade parking podium and some underground parking. The above-ground parking is required due to groundwater conditions in the area. The anticipated density is 3.6 FAR under the RM4s designation.

2425 Beta Avenue

2425 Beta AvenueThis site is located on the West side of Beta Avenue between Dawson Street and the BNSF rail line, and is being developed by Thind Properties, who acquired it in 2013 for $31,500,000. The plan for the 201,247 SF, M2 zoned site includes three highrise residential towers atop a 4-storey parking podium. It is similarly seeking a 3.6 FAR density designation under the RM4s guidelines. The plan includes a 30 metre dedication to extend Alaska Street.

Market Update: City of Vancouver Rezonings

Here is an overview of the rezoning applications that will be considered by Vancouver City council next week:

(click on addresses for greater detail regarding the projects)

3063-3091 West Broadway

3091 West Broadway_2The plan for this site at Broadway and Balaclava includes 78 market rental units under the Rental 100 program. Currently on the site is a two-storey building with commercial uses at grade and two residential rental suites on the second floor. The rezoning was originally filed back in April 2015.


4162-4188 Cambie Street

4162 Cambie_2This rezoning application was brought forward in March 2015 by Pennyfarthing Homes. The plan for the 22,166 SF site at Cambie and 26th Ave calls for a 6-storey condo building with 56 units. The site is directly across the street from Parc 26, a similar development now in pre-sales. 68% of the units will be 2 or 3 bedroom units.


2312-2328 Galt Street

2312 Galt_2The plan for this Norquay Village rezoning is a 28-unit, 4-storey apartment building under the Rental 100 program. The site is currently zoned RS-1, but was redesignated in the Norquay Village area plan for apartments.



26 East 1st Avenue

26 East 1st_2This is a rezoning amendment for a sitea at 1st and Ontario Street in the Olympic Village area owned by Pinnacle International and originally rezoned in 2006. The new plan calls for an 18-storey condo tower with 137-units and a density of 6.98 FSR.


201 West 2nd Avenue

1768 Cook_1Concord Pacific has applied to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop their 57,365 SF site, which is comprised of a full city block at West 1st Ave and Columbia Street. The site is one of the larger remaining undeveloped parcels in the SEFC area and was originally proposed by Concord back in 2012; having been rezoned previously in 2008. It will include 247 condo units. The architect for the project is GBL.

7-Storey Building Planned for Cambie Corridor

Pennyfarthing Homes has applied to the the City of Vancouver to rezone a 23,625 SF site at 4976-5010 Cambie Street from RS-1 to CD-1 to allow a 7-storey residential building, the retention and heritage designation of the Wong Residence at 5010 Cambie Street, and a laneway house at the rear of the site. The proposal includes:

    • 49 residential units;
    • retention and heritage designation of the Wong Residence at 5010 Cambie Street;
    • a maximum building height of 90 ft.;
    • a density of 2.46 FSR; and
    • 54 underground parking spaces and 63 bicycle parking spaces.

The application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan. Pennyfarthing has already experienced success in the Cambie area with Bennington House, which is now selling.

4976 Cambie 4976 Cambie_1

4976 Cambie_2

Rendering: Shift Architecture

The retention of the Wong residence is described by the architect for the project Shift Architecture:

“On the southern-most lot of the parcel sits the Wong residence: a split-level West Coast Modern house originally designed by modernist architect Harry Lee of Duncan McNab & Associates in the mid 1950’s. In true West Coast style, the house embraces the natural landscape, seated atop a substantial volcanic rock outcropping that fronts Cambie Street with a tangible presence. The prominence of the rock is subtly countered by an elegant water garden and landscape design by renowned landscape architect, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander. Pennyfarthing Homes and the City of Vancouver have recently expressed interest in the preservation of the house, the rock and landscaping, and a formal Statement of Significance has been prepared as a testament to both its design and its late owner, prominent Vancouver philanthropist Milton Wong. Accordingly, preservation and an innate respect of the Wong residence are at the core of the proposal.”