Rental Tower Slated for West End Includes 276 Units

Hollyburn Properties has submitted their rezoning application for the existing office/apartment property they own at 1640-1650 Alberni Street.  The site is located within Area A of the West End Community Plan, and has been identified for rezoning potential for a building up to 385 feet.

The plan is to rezone and rebuild the RM-5C zoned, 17,296 SF (132′ x 132′) property with a new 42-storey residential apartment tower with a four-storey podium, including:

  • 276 units of secured market rental housing;
  • 172 one-bedroom units, 89 two bedroom units and 15 three-bedroom units;
  • a total density of 13.69 FSR;
  • five levels of underground parking with 148 vehicle parking stalls;
  • 345 bicycle parking spaces; and
  • a building height of 385 ft.

This application is being considered under the West End Community Plan and Rezoning Policy for the West End.

1640-alberni 1640-alberni_1 1640-alberni_2 1640-alberni_3

The project architect, Francl Architecture, describes the design rationale:

“The architectural expression of the building is derived in response to the surrounding urban context and to the opportunities that this site presents for its residents. With mountains to the north, Stanley Park to the west, the west end to the south and downtown to the east, views are exceptional in all directions. All of the tower suites have corner windows to take advantage of these views. The east and west facades have increased opaque massing with a curving solid envelope structure.

The facade orientations minimize the privacy and overlook issues with neighboring buildings and yield the best distant view potential for residents of the building. Suites are arranged and laid out to maximize these view opportunities. The tower is shaped to present a relatively narrow façade to the street, giving it a tall slender silhouette against the skyline. The rhythm of balcony projections further animate the tower facades as well provide the necessary solar control for the south and west facing facades.”

North Vancouver Rental Apartment Tower Plan Moving Forward

Over two years after originally unveiling plans for a new rental tower at Lonsdale and 13th, Hollyburn Properties is now close to final council approval. Hollyburn has had to seek a relaxation to the OCP height limits for the site – previously affirmed as 121 feet in the OCP. The current proposal is for a 187 ft tower. The plan is for a 19-storey mixed-use development that includes:

  • 16-storeys of residential with 144 rental housing units
  • a partial storey of amenity space, over a two storey, 27,290 SF retail and office podium including 6 CRU units
  • a total density of 4.80 FSR

The site is currently zoned ‘C-1A’ which allows for a density of 2.6 FSR. The OCP allows for density of 3.0 FSR with a Density Bonus up to a maximum of 1.0 FSR in the Mixed Use Level 4B Designation for a total maximum density of 4.0 FSR. A maximum height of 37 metres (120 feet) is currently established for the site and the site has been designated a “Special Study Area” in anticipation of further exploration of appropriate form. The proposal includes the purchase of 0.8 FSR (22,186 SF) of rental transfer density at a rate of $90 / sq. ft., resulting in a cash contribution to the City of $1,996,758.

1301-lonsdale1301-lonsdale_1 1301-lonsdale_2 1301-lonsdale_3 1301-lonsdale_4

Market Update: Burnaby Rezoning Applications

Here is a brief roundup of rezoning applications going before City of Burnaby council this week:

6837-6875 Royal Oak Avenue

6837-royal-oakThe plan for this 27,229 SF site in the Royal Oak area is for a 4-storey residential building with 54 units. The project will also have 8,106 SF of retail on the ground level and 106 underground parking stalls. The site is currently zoned M4light industrial and is occupied by older warehouse buildings. The project is being developed under the C9 Urban Village designation to a total density of 2.19 FAR.

6695 Dunblane Avenue & 4909-4971 Imperial Street

6695 Dunblane_1Transca Development initially submitted a rezoning application for this L-shaped site earlier this year, and the plan is now likely heading to public hearing. The proposal is a single 36-storey apartment tower with a 2-storey form fronting Nelson Avenue, a 3-storey residential form fronting Dunblane Avenue, and a 4-storey form fronting Imperial that includes 2-storey townhouses with double height amenity space above. There will be a total of 313 units, and a total density of 5.11 FAR per the RM-5s designation.

6921-6965 Arcola Street

6921-arcolaThis site is an assembly of six single family lots in the Edmonds area. The lots are currently zoned R5 but are being rezoned to RM3 based on the Edmonds Town Centre Plan. The proposal for the site is a 3-storey stacked townhouse development with underground parking. All the units are 3-bedrooms and range between 1,237 SF and 1,496 SF. The total density is 1.1 FAR.

Market Spotlight: Burnaby Rezoning Applications

A number of rezoning applications head to Burnaby City Council this week. Below is a brief summary of some of the larger projects planned.

4460-4482 Juneau Street

4460-juneauSolterra owns this three-lot assembly of older M1 zoned industrial buildings along Willingdon Avenue at Juneau Street in the Brentwood area. The plan for the site is a 25-storey tower with townhouses under the RM-4s designation. There is a 23-storey tower just across Juneau Street at second reading.

6525-6585 Sussex Avenue

6525-sussexThe plan for this 57,116 SF Metrotown site at Sussex and Beresford is for a mixed-use high-rise and low-rise market residential apartment building including retail and office uses. The project will also include a separate non-market housing building developed in conjunction with B.C. Housing. The proposed density is 5.0 FAR per the RM-5s and C2 guidelines. The site was acquired by Thind Properties in May 2016 for $32,680,000.

7422-7470 Buller Avenue

7422-bullerThis 132,000 SF site is currently occupied by a multi-tenant warehouse building and is located next to a section of former rail line in the Royal Oak area. The site is designated for medium-density residential development, and the application is for a mix of stacked-townhouses and traditional townhomes with full underground parking to a density of 1.1 FAR.

5180 Lougheed Highway

5180-lougheedAnother highrise condo tower is being planned for the Brentwood area; this one at the corner of Lougheed Highway and Springer Street. The 51,204 SF site is currently occupied by two older industrial buildings owned by Beedie Living. The plan calls for a 269,000 SF tower with 250 to 300 residential units. The concept includes “breaks” throughout the building to add visual interest to the massing and scale of the tower.

63-Unit Building Planned for Lynn Creek Area of North Vancouver

Wanson Development is planning a new 6-storey residential building in the Lynn Creek area of North Vancouver, just a couple of blocks South of the Seylynn Village project which is half complete. The site is located at 467 Mountain Highway, just South of Hunter Street. This is currently an industrial area, but portions fronting Mountain Highway were redesignated for mixed-use a few years ago.

Plans for the 18,600 SF site include:

  • a 6-storey building
  • 63 condo units (24% one-bedrooms, 66% two-bedrooms, 10% three-bedrooms)
  • 6 ground-floor retail units totaling 5,663 SF
  • a building height of 75.5 feet
  • a total density of 3.5 FSR
  • two levels of underground parking

The rezoning requires a total CAC payment of $705,000, equivalent to $16.50 per SF for density above 1.2 FSR base. Wanson had acquired the site in 2014 for $4,800,000, or $74 per buildable SF.

The building features an interesting central courtyard layout. The architect for the project is Francl Architecture.


First Tower at City of Lougheed to Include 566 Units

Shape Properties is proceeding with a formal rezoning application for the first residential tower in The City of Lougheed, the project name for the 40-acre Lougheed mall site that was approved for redevelopment under a master plan earlier this year to include 23 residential towers.

The application for the first phase of the project is in a prominent part of the site at the Southeast corner (Northwest corner of North Rd and Austin Ave). The plan includes:

  • a 55-storey residential tower
  • a total building height of 520 ft.
  • 566 units
  • 517,000 SF of residential area
  • a total density of 2.60 FAR
  • 590 underground parking spaces

The application describes the design: “The floor plates of the subject Tower 1 are arranged in two massing volumes that offer a different height extrusion of one part against the other. The larger of the two parts extends up to 55 storeys while the smaller part sits at 47-storeys. This arrangement provides for a landscaped terrace and exposed elevator core.”


Revised Port Moody Application Heading Back to Council

Aragon Properties is heading back to City of Port Moody council with a revised rezoning application for their site at 2713-2725 Clarke Street.

Aragon had submitted a rezoning application back in April 2016 for a 6-storey condo building per the guidelines in the OCP; however, several residents in Aragon’s previous project “The Station” spoke in opposition of the rezoning due to view loss. City council voted in favour of the residents and against the previously approved OCP by defeating the application at third reading. (all but the Mayor and one councilor voted in favour).

The application being brought back is still a 6-storey building with only a minor 2.5 ft. reduction in height.

If Council approves the required bylaw amendments, the project will go back to public hearing on October 11, 2016.

2713-clarke_1 2713-clarke