Mixed-use Development Planned for Cambie & 42nd

Viva Grand Developments has applied to rezone a site that they own at Cambie Street and West 42nd Avenue, across from Oakridge Centre. The plan for the 31,194 SF site at 5812-5888 Cambie Street is to rezone from the existing C-2 to CD under the Cambie Corridor Plan to allow a 10 and 8-storey mixed-use development, including:

  • a total of 117 residential units;
  • 20 studios, 28 one-bedrooms, 50 two-bedrooms & 11 three-bedrooms
  • 8 live work units at the lane;
  • 6 commercial units at grade totaling 14,700 SF;
  • 21,000 SF of office space;
  • a maximum building height of 116 ft.;
  • a total density of 5.22 FSR; and
  • 215 underground vehicle parking spaces and bicycle spaces.

5812-cambie5812-cambie_2 5812-cambie_1Viva Grand had acquired the site, currently occupied by single storey retail, in 2013 for $26,000,000.

The architect for the project is IBI Group.

The full rezoning package can be viewed here: http://rezoning.vancouver.ca/applications/5812-5888cambie/index.htm

Latest Office Proposal Demonstrates Trend for Smaller Sites

A rezoning application has been submitted for a 90 x 110 ft, C-3A zoned site at 521-525 West 8th Avenue, just west of Cambie Street (across from Whole Foods). The site is currently comprised of two single-storey retail buildings, one of which is now vacant.

The proposal calls for a nine-storey office building with retail, and includes:

    • 60,300 SF of office space
    • 2,000 SF of retail space
    • Office floorplates ranging from 6,400 to 9,015 SF
    • A total density 6.91;
    • A building height of 111 ft.;
    • 88 parking spaces on 3 1/2 underground levels; and
    • 35 bicycle parking spaces

521-west-8th525-west-8th_4 525-west-8th_3 521-west-8th_1


Typical Tower Floorplan

This application is being considered under the Metropolitan Core Jobs and Economy Land Use Plan. The “Metro Core” plan policy has been in place now for almost ten years. The primary purpose the plan was to facilitate rezoning for commercial development, either by restricting residential use, or by allowing greater density for office uses. The site falls within the “Broadway Corridor Choice-of-Use Areas” which allow for increased commercial density by virtue of proximity to transit.

The architect for the project is Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership.

This application is the latest in a recent trend of rezoning applications for office buildings on sites under 10,000 SF which traditionally would’ve been viewed as too small to accommodate larger floorplates and parking requirements.

Latest Cambie Proposal Features 57-Units

Create Properties Ltd. has filed an application to rezone a two-lot land assembly at 4238-4262 Cambie Street for a 6-storey condo building.The site is located mid-block on the East side of Cambie between West 26th and West 27th Avenue, and is 20,252 Sf in size.

Project details include:

    • 57 residential units including 5 townhomes on the lane;
    • a total density of 2.75 FSR;
    • a building height of 64 ft.; and
    • 84 underground parking spaces and 77 bicycle parking spaces.

4238-cambie_1 4238-cambieThe application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan.

The architect for the project is Arno Matis Architecture.

Two 6-storey Buildings Planned for Marpole

Vanac Development has submitted an application to rezone two adjacent three-lot single family land assemblies for new 6-storey condo buildings under the Marpole Community Plan.

The two 18,000 SF sites are located at 470-486 West 58th Avenue and 469-485 West 59th Avenue and the two separate rezoning applications each call for a six-storey residential building, including:

    • a floor space ratio (FSR) of 2.50
    • a building height of 21 m (69 ft.) from grade;
    • 43 residential units; and
    • 63 underground parking spaces over one and a half levels 60 bicycle spaces.

469-west-59thThe applications are being considered under the Marpole Community Plan.

The architect for the project is Francl Architecture.

54-Unit Building Planned for West 41st near Cambie

iFortune Homes has submitted a rezoning application for a three lot land assembly in the Cambie Corridor area. The address for the combined 21,342 SF site is 5733 Alberta Street and 376-392 West 41st Avenue. The preliminary plan calls for a 6-storey building that includes:

  • 54 market residential units;
  • 17 one-bedroom units, 23 two-bedrooms & 14 three-bedroom units
  • a building height of 69 ft.;
  • a density of 2.63 FSR; and
  • 62 underground parking spaces and 84 bicycle parking spaces.

5733-alberta 5733-alberta_1 5733-alberta_2The application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan.

The architect for the project is GBL Architects.

Rental Building Planned for Downtown Eastside Parking Lot

Plans have emerged for a site owned by Holborn Group at the Northeast corner of Abbott Street and Hastings Street near Victory Square and across the street from Woodwards. The site has long been unimproved and used a surface parking lot. The lot is 99′ x 132′ and is currently zoned DD.

Holborn has now submitted a rezoning application for a 10-storey mixed-use building with:

  • 132 rental units
  • 83 studio units, 4 one-bedrooms and 45 two-bedrooms
  • 5,494 SF of commercial space on the ground floor
  • a total density of 7.62 FSR
  • 74 vehicle parking spaces on one level of underground parking
  • 167 bicycle parking spaces
  • a building height of 105 ft.


The application describes the design rationale:

“Our key place making and built form strategies reinforce the prevailing context through contemporary architectural expression, recognizing and strengthening the historic form and scale with an emphasis on appropriate frontage and modulating heights that provide a transitional scale from the Paris Block to Woodward’s. The residential entry is on Abbott
The Hastings Street massing provides varying material treatments approximating the historic lot sizes, with no continuous elevation treatment greater than 75 feet. The contextual fit of the building is based on an analysis and reinterpretation of the historic building typologies in the area. The east 7 storey segment of the Hastings Street elevation aligns with the Paris Block 2 lots over, while the west 8 storey segment aligns with the historic Woodward’s façade across Abbott Street. Levels 8-10 of the east segment are set back 8 feet from the street, while levels 9 and 10 of the west segment are recessed one foot from the lower façade.
The Abbott Street facade has the same materiality and setback at levels 9 and 10 as the Hasting Street façade; however, there is no vertical saw tooth as this is a minor street. The retail facades on both Hastings an d Abbott Street are articulated i nto small bays. In order to not encroach upon existing mature trees on Abbott and Hastings Streets, we have provided a 5’ wide canopy on both Abbott and Hastings Streets major facades.”

The architect for the project is Gair Williamson.

Market Spotlight: White Rock Developments

The City of White Rock is going through a period of considerable new residential development after a prolonged period of inactivity following the downturn of 2008-2009. At that time, two of White Rock’s tallest towers were being completed – Bosa’s Miramar Village, after which the market for concrete condos in White Rock languished for 3 or 4 years.

More recently, the success of projects such as Cressey’s Beverley project signals strength for new concrete product in White Rock. Beverley is a 13-storey, 89 unit project sold out earlier this year and is now under construction on the Western Edge of White Rock’s town centre area. Newer concrete product is now selling in the $650 – $750 per SF range.

Here is an overview of some more recent projects seeking planning and zoning approval:

1484 Martin Street

This 2.5 acre site was sold by our team in 2015 to Landmark Premiere Properties for $22,000,000. Landmark filed a development application in early 2016 for a new multi-tower project that is now at the Advisory Design Panel.

Details of the project include:

  • three residential towers with retail and office space
  • tower heights of 25, 25 & 24-storeys
  • a total buildable area of 614,043 SF
  • 334 residential units
  • a total density of 5.74 FSR

1484-martin_41484-martin_31484-martin_21484-martin_1The architect for the project is IBI Group.

1454 Oxford Street

This 2.7 acre site in the Everall neighbourhood was originally envisioned for development back in 2014.The project is by Elegant Development Inc. Elegant acquired the site in January 2016 for $14,050,000.

Development details include:

  • two residential towers (241 and 21 storeys)
  • 121 residential units
  • total density of 3.00 FAR
  • building heights of 269 feet and 233 feet
  • $3,600,000 community amenity contribution
  • a 1+ acre portion of the site dedicated as parkland
  • 414 underground parking spaces



14809-14815 Thrift Avenue & 1434 Oxford Street

This is a 0.5 acre site located at the corner of Thirft Avenue and Everall Street, just next to the project listed above. It is currently an assembly of three single family lots. The plan for the site includes:

  • a 13-storey residential tower
  • 17 units
  • large two and three bedroom units rangin from 2,178 SF to 3,734 SF
  • total density of 2.83 FAR
  • 44 underground parking spaces


14825-14835 Thrift Avenue

This site is a two lot assembly adjacent to the site above and is located on the North side of Thrift Avenue between Oxford and Everall Streets. The site is also 0.5 acres in size. The developer is Forge Properties. Plans include:

  • a 12-storey residential building
  • 33 condo units
  • total density of 3.46 FAR
  • 87 underground parking spaces
  • a community amenity contribution of $350,000


14022-14034 North Bluff Road & 1590 Nichol Road

This is a 0.66 acre site owned by Texor Homes at the southeast corner of North Bluff Road and Nichol Road.

This site has seen several development applications since 2012 including proposal for a 3-storey mixed use building, followed by proposal for a 15-storey building, an 8-storey building and even townhouse use.

The most recent plans include:

  • a 5-storey building with a small commercial component
  • 51 residential units
  • total density of 2.18 FAR
  • 107 underground parking spaces


1350 Johnston Road

This proposal comes from Solterra Development for a 35,563 SF site on Johnston Road in the Town Centre area of White Rock.This proposal requires an OCP amendment, rezoning and a development permit.

Plans include:

  • a 20-storey tower with a 3-storey commercial podium
  • 138 residential units
  • 9,528 SF of commercial space
  • 300 parking stalls


1516-1556 Finlay Street & 15601-15621 Russel Avenue

This proposal is for a site owned by Oviedo Developments that is an assembly of lots at the corner of Finlay Street and Russell Avenue, also in the town centre area. The proposal will require an OCP amendment and includes:

  • a 13-storey tower
  • 126 residential units
  • 9,262 SF of retail space and 36,546 SF of office space
  • a total density of 3.77 FAR
  • 337 underground parking spaces


1310 Johnston Road

This is an interesting proposal for a 16,345 SF site at the Northeast corner of Johnston Road and Roper Avenue in the Town Centre area. The proposal requires an OCP amendment and rezoning. The proposal includes:

  • a 15-storey tower
  • 36 residential units
  • 5,998 SF of commercial space
  • a total density of 5.50 FAR
  • 90 underground parking stalls


15241 Thrift Avenue

Marcon is behind this proposal for a site at the corner of George Street and Thrift Avenue next to the Saltaire development. The site area is 0.61 acres. Details of the proposed project include:

  • a 14-storey tower
  • 88 residential units
  • a total density of 5.40 FAR
  • 160 underground parking spaces

15421-thrift_1 15421-thrift

1554-1564 Johnston Road & 1563-1565 George Street

PARC Retirement Living has filed a development application for this 0.9 acre site in the Town Centre Area. The plan is for an independent living project that includes the following details:

  • a 23-storey tower
  • 204 units
  • a total density of 5.39 FSR
  • 100 parking spaces

1554-johnston_1 1554-johnston