32-Storey Tower Planned for West End Site

A partnership between Strand Development and Intracorp has submitted an application to rezone a site located at 1055 Harwood Street, between Thurlow and Burrard in the West End area of Downtown Vancouver.

The proposal is for a 32-storey residential building with:

  • 82 market residential units;
  • 68 two-bedrooms, 8 three-bedrooms and 6 four-bedrooms;
  • 44 social housing units;
  • a density of 10.35 FSR;
  • four levels of underground parking with 156 vehicle parking stalls;
  • 158 bicycle parking spaces; and
  • a building height of 300 ft.

1055 Harwood_51055 Harwood_4 1055 Harwood_2 1055 Harwood_3The RM-5A zoned site was redesignated under the West End Community Plan, adopted in 2014. Currently occupied by a lowrise coop, the site was acquired in August 2016 for $40.5 Million.

The application describes the design rationale:

“The overall form for the proposed building is one that is familiar to the West End. The tower, as proposed, is a 32-storey tower interlocked with a very small 6,300 square foot, seven storey (60’) base, thereafter tapering into a slender 5,500 square foot floorplate for the remainder of the building’s tower element.
The building has been designed as a “tower in the park” with the use of concrete and brick to create an articulated base transitioning into a slender tower with a simple concrete frame featuring expansive windows, spandrel glass and spacious balconies that are predominately inset into the building’s facade.”
The architect for the project is NSDA Architects.

Laneway Infill Apartments Planned for West End Property

A development application has been filed for a new laneway infill apartment building on a 66′ lot in the West End. 1176 Burnaby Street, owned by Lantern Properties, has an existing 11-storey, 41-unit apartment building known as Newport Apartments.

The laneway apartment application is for the rear of the property, currently a surface parking area. Details include:

  • 9 rental apartments
  • building height of 47 ft
  • Total area of 6,852 SF
  • 7 underground parking stalls accessed off the lane

The site is zoned RM-5A and the West End Community Plan, adopted in 2014, amended the RM zones to allow infill apartments on laneways where there is sufficient room for them.