10-Storey Building Planned for Granville & 68th

Westland Corporation has submitted a rezoning application for a 20,030 SF site at the corner of 68th and Granville, next to the Safeway. The plan for 1506 West 68th Avenue is to rezone from C-2 and C-2C (Commercial) District to CD-1 to allow a 10-storey mixed-use building that includes:

  • 45 market residential units;
  • 11 one-bedrooms, 26 two-bedrooms and 8 three-bedrooms;
  • a total of 12,603 SF of retail at grade;
  • a total of 15,477 SF of office space on the 2nd floor;
  • a total density of 3.60 FSR;
  • a maximum building height of 135 ft. from grade;
  • 138 underground vehicle parking spaces and 112 bicycle parking spaces.

1506 West 68th1506 West 68th_2 1506 West 68th_3 1506 West 68th_41506 West 68th_1

The application is being considered under the Marpole Community Plan.

The architect for the project is IBI Group.

Westland acquired the site in January 2016 for $19,855,000, or $275 per buildable SF based on the rezoning application.

237-Unit Project Planned for Uptown Area of New Westminster

Orr Development has submitted their rezoning and development permit applications for a 34,801 SF site at the corner of Sixth Street and Seventh Avenue in the Uptown neighbourhood of New Westminster. The site is currently improved with older two-storey commercial buildings. 

The proposal for 616-640 Sixth Street is for a 30-storey mixed use development that includes:

  • 169 market residential strata units (on levels 8-30)
  • 68 secured market rental housing units (on levels 2-7)
  • 14,439 SF of retail at grade;
  • a total density of 6.03 FSR;
  • a total building height of 305 ft.
  • 299 underground parking spaces;
  • common outdoor amenity area located on the forth level on top of the podium roof.

616 Sixth616 Sixth_1616 Sixth_2The site is designated as (UC) Uptown Commercial in the current Official Community Plan. The Rezoning application entails changing the zoning of the property from Community Commercial Districts (High Rise) (C-3) to a new Comprehensive Development District (CD). The Development Permit application is to facilitate the review of the form and character of the proposal in accordance with Official Community Plan Development Permit Area Guidelines.

The architect for the project is Yamamoto Architecture.

30-Storey Tower Proposed for West End Corner Site

A partnership between Strand Development and Intracorp has submitted a rezoning application for a 17,292 SF site at 1068-1080 Burnaby Street and 1318 Thurlow Street. The site is currently zoned RM-5A but has been redesignated within the West End Community Plan for higher density. The rezoning designation requires that 25% of the gross floor area is social housing. The site is currently improved with two older lowrise apartment buildings and a 12-unit strata building.

Our team sold this site just a few months ago.

1318 Thurlow_1

The proposal is for a 30-storey residential tower that includes:

  • 82 market residential units;
  • 39 social housing units;
  • 3 studios, 21 one-bedrooms, 71 two-bedrooms, 24 three-beds and 2 four-beds;
  • a total density of 8.94 FSR;
  • a building height of 290 ft.; and
  • four levels of underground parking with 176 vehicle parking stalls and 160 bicycle parking spaces.

1318 Thurlow_2 1318 Thurlow_3 The building height and overall density (including social housing) was required to be reduced in order to accommodate an obscure urban design guideline that restricts any shadows from being cast onto the North Davie Street sidewalk at 4pm on the equinox dates.1318 Thurlow_4

The application is being considered under the West End Community Plan. The application describes the design rationale of the market housing component:

“The market housing component of the tower has been planned with large , spacious floor plans that provide generous and functional living spaces. All family oriented homes are anchored at one of the four corners of the tower by a large outdoor covered terrace; this outdoor space becomes the focal point of the living spaces within and maximizes access to natural light, outdoor living opportunities , and cross -ventilated air. Homes of this nature will fill the needs of families, urban professionals and downsizers equally well, and will help to foster an integrated community of unique, liveable homes.”

The architect for the project is NSDA Architects.

Details Emerge for BlueSky’s Two Tower West End Project

BlueSky Properties has submitted their formal rezoning applications for two linked sites across the street from each other on the East side of Thurlow Street on Harwood.

The two towers would be 32 and 33-storeys respectively, comprise a total of 300 units and would be rezoned from the current RM-5A zoning to a CD zoning per the West End Community Plan, which allows for 300 ft. towers between Thurlow and Burrard.

1065 Harwood

Details for each site include:

1065 Harwood Street and 1332 Thurlow Street (North Site)

The proposal is for a 33-storey residential building including:

    • 59 market residential units on floors 18-33;
    • 98 social housing units on floors 2-18;
    • 64 one-bedrooms, 30 two-bedrooms and 49 three-bedrooms;
    • a total density of 10.46 FSR;
    • five levels of underground parking with 157 vehicle parking stalls and 197 bicycle parking spaces; and
    • a building height of 300 ft.

1066 & 1078 Harwood Street (South Site)

The proposal for the South site is for a 32-storey residential building with:

    • 143 market residential units;
    • 64 one-bedrooms, 30 two-bedrooms and 49 three-bedrooms;
    • a total density of 10.11 FSR;
    • six levels of underground parking with 236 vehicle parking stalls and 180 bicycle parking spaces; and
    • a building height of 300 ft.

1065 Harwood_6 1065 Harwood_5 1065 Harwood_4 1065 Harwood_3 1065 Harwood_2 1065 Harwood_1The architect for the project is Henriquez Partners.

39-Storey Tower Latest Proposal from Westbank & Bing Thom

Westbank Corp. has now submitted their formal rezoning application for the site they own at 1668-1684 Alberni Street, at the corner of Bidwell Street. The site is currently home to two older midrise concrete condo buildings located just across Alberni from the former Chevron site, sold recently. The site also sits on the same block as a proposed 42-storey rental tower.

The current zoning for the 21,607 SF site is RM-5C thought the site is one of several that were redesignated under the West End Community Plan, this area known as the Denman Village. The proposal, designed by Bing Thom, is a 39-storey residential building including:

  • a six-storey podium;
  • 94 market residential units;
  • 13 one-bedrooms, 25 two-bedrooms, 55 three-bedrooms & 1 four-bed;
  • 5,500 SF floorplates;
  • the top 18 floors will feature only two units per floor;
  • a total density of 10.7 FSR;
  • four levels of underground parking with 180 vehicle parking stalls and 120 bicycle parking spaces; and
  • a building height of 385 ft.

1684 Alberni_11684 Alberni_21684 Alberni_6 1684 Alberni_3 1684 Alberni_4 1684 Alberni_5 1684 Alberni_7The application describes Bing Thom’s design rationale:

“The primary design gesture is the “Weave”, which celebrates simplicity and rhythm. The unique double height fenestration provides a formal framework that contains the suites. This weave organically stretches out at the base to encompass the podium units. The framework also acts as a sunshade reducing cooling loads in the summer.”

Fourth Amazing Brentwood Tower to Include 506 Units

Shape Properties has submitted their rezoning application for Tower 5 of the Amazing Brentwood project. The tower is actually the fourth to be rezoned, with the first three towers now sold out and under construction.

This tower will be located at the Northeast corner of Willingdon Avenue and Halifax Street. Details include:

  • A 51-storey tower located above a 2-storey commercial podium
  • 506 condo units
  • 287 one-bedrooms, 190 two-bedrooms, 27 three-bedrooms & 2 four-bedrooms
  • 11.21 FAR (on net site)
  • 37,542 SF of commercial space
  • 673 parking stalls

Amazing Brentwood_1Once this phase is complete, the four towers will represent almost 2,000 units.