Rental Tower Slated for West End Includes 276 Units

Hollyburn Properties has submitted their rezoning application for the existing office/apartment property they own at 1640-1650 Alberni Street.  The site is located within Area A of the West End Community Plan, and has been identified for rezoning potential for a building up to 385 feet.

The plan is to rezone and rebuild the RM-5C zoned, 17,296 SF (132′ x 132′) property with a new 42-storey residential apartment tower with a four-storey podium, including:

  • 276 units of secured market rental housing;
  • 172 one-bedroom units, 89 two bedroom units and 15 three-bedroom units;
  • a total density of 13.69 FSR;
  • five levels of underground parking with 148 vehicle parking stalls;
  • 345 bicycle parking spaces; and
  • a building height of 385 ft.

This application is being considered under the West End Community Plan and Rezoning Policy for the West End.

1640-alberni 1640-alberni_1 1640-alberni_2 1640-alberni_3

The project architect, Francl Architecture, describes the design rationale:

“The architectural expression of the building is derived in response to the surrounding urban context and to the opportunities that this site presents for its residents. With mountains to the north, Stanley Park to the west, the west end to the south and downtown to the east, views are exceptional in all directions. All of the tower suites have corner windows to take advantage of these views. The east and west facades have increased opaque massing with a curving solid envelope structure.

The facade orientations minimize the privacy and overlook issues with neighboring buildings and yield the best distant view potential for residents of the building. Suites are arranged and laid out to maximize these view opportunities. The tower is shaped to present a relatively narrow façade to the street, giving it a tall slender silhouette against the skyline. The rhythm of balcony projections further animate the tower facades as well provide the necessary solar control for the south and west facing facades.”

FOR SALE: West End Development Opportunity

We are pleased to introduce this 17,292 SF redevelopment opportunity at the corner of Thurlow and Burnaby Street in the West End of Vancouver. The assembled site has potential for rezoning for a 300 foot residential tower per the West End Community Plan, and is one of the last remaining opportunities to develop in this sub-area without view cone restrictions.

1318-thurlowDownload the brochure here: bro_1318-thurlow-assembly-e.

Please contact us for further details.

Two Tower Project Planned for Davie Street in West End

Marcon has filed a development application for permission to develop a 34,552 SF site they own at Davie and Broughton Street in the West End of Downtown Vancouver. The site was rezoned to RM-5D in 2014 as part of the new West End Community Plan, part of which envisions greater density in the Davie Street area in this sub-area ‘B’ of the Lower Davie Corridor.

The site comprises an assembly of two sites currently improved with lowrise rental apartment buildings totaling 68 units.

The proposal for the 1345 Davie Street site includes:

  • two 18 and 19-storey residential buildings, over a 3 and 4 storey podium.
  • 153 market residential and 68 social housing units;
  • a total density of 6.55 FSR
  • Building heights of approximately 175 ft and 157 ft.
  • Gross floor area of 232,323 SF (23% social housing)
  • 4 levels of underground parking  with 257 spaces, accessed from rear lane.


The application package describes the rationale for the project:

“The project supports the goal of densification by redeveloping a large, under-utilized site and adding 221 social & market housing units, replacing 68 rental units.

As an area of transition between the shopping districts and the residential neighbourhoods of the West End, Lower Davie has been identified as an area suitable for densification. The permitted increases in FSR for purpose-built social housing are intended to rejuvenate housing stock and help deepen affordability. The base of the building contains 68 units of social housing, amenities, and market housing, with four levels of parking, service, and amenity spaces below. The large expanses of the podium roof are populated with common outdoor spaces, landscaping and private patios. Two residential towers, rise 14 and 15 storeys above the podium and contain 153 market units. Private gardens are located on the rooftops of both towers. Balconies alternate with trellises at the corners to lighten and enliven the facade while maintaining privacy.”

Under the site’s existing RM-5D zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Development Permit Board.

Marcon acquired the site in December 2015 for $35,000,000, or $195 per buildable SF (based on the market residential density).

Intracorp’s project “The Jervis”, approved in 2015 sits adjacent to the site and was developed under the same zoning at 6.61 FSR. The Jervis began selling 58 units in late 2015 was quite quickly sold out by mid-2016.

The architect for the project is Henriquez Partners.

Redevelopment of Empire Landmark Hotel Includes 280 Units

Asia Standard has filed their development application for the 357-room Empire Landmark Hotel Site on Robson Street. The C-6 zoned site is currently improved with a 41-storey hotel and the redevelopment potential arose out of the new guidelines in the West End Community Plan which was adopted in 2014.

Redevelopment plans for the 40,920 SF site include:

  • Two towers, one 28-storeys and 30 storeys
  • 280 residential units (57 social housing units /223 market units);
  • retail use on the ground floor and office use on the second and third floors;
  • 393,850 SF of floor area;
  • total density of 9.63 FSR
  • building height of 300 ft.; and
  • four levels of underground parking accessed from the lane.

The social housing is located in the podium of the building.

1488-robson_1 1488-robsonInterestingly, the existing hotel is 394 feet; taller than the proposed tower replacements, albeit at lower density.

Laneway Infill Apartments Planned for West End Property

A development application has been filed for a new laneway infill apartment building on a 66′ lot in the West End. 1176 Burnaby Street, owned by Lantern Properties, has an existing 11-storey, 41-unit apartment building known as Newport Apartments.

The laneway apartment application is for the rear of the property, currently a surface parking area. Details include:

  • 9 rental apartments
  • building height of 47 ft
  • Total area of 6,852 SF
  • 7 underground parking stalls accessed off the lane

The site is zoned RM-5A and the West End Community Plan, adopted in 2014, amended the RM zones to allow infill apartments on laneways where there is sufficient room for them.




West End Co-Op Sells in $40.5 Million Deal

A co-op located on a 17,292 SF site in the West End of Vancouver has sold to a developer for $40,500,000.

Harcrest Apartments, located at 1055 Harwood Street, is a 3-storey 28-unit walkup building built in 1947. The property was listed for sale earlier in the year. The site was designated under the West End Community Plan to allow a new tower up to 300 feet in height, provided that some of the new building is provided as social housing.

1055 Harwood_1 1055 Harwood


Construction Update: 1155 Thurlow Street

Here is a brief update on a project in the West End that was originally envisioned prior to the West End Community Plan having been adopted in 2014.

The project is a partnership between Bosa Properties and Central Presbyterian Church, which used to worship on this property for many years. The property was rezoned in 2014 to allow a new 22-storey building that includes 168 units of market rental apartments and 45 units of non-market rental apartments, as well as retail space, a new church and a preschool.1155 Thurlow_2

1155 Thurlow_3Excavation was recently completed and a crane is scheduled for installation on June 25th. Completion of the project is scheduled for April 2018.

1155 Thurlow_4

photo courtesy mcminsen via @imageshack